TrustCompany Take It Easy Between Second And Third Album

TrustCompany 'True Parallels'

Kevin Palmer and Jason Singleton from TrustCompany visited with while on tour. They talked about how guitarist James was destroyed by bouncers during the Drowning Pool set trying to stage dive, taking a hiatus before returning with ‘Dreaming in Black and White’ after finally getting some label interest, plans to release the title track as their next single because “that’s the track that everyone is really digging”, and the creepy haunted pool at the Eagles Club venue.

“We took a hiatus for a little while,” Kevin explained. “We’ve actually been back playing since about 2007, we just did it slow and easy. We got back together playing and writing. There was no pressure for a timetable, so we just kinda did it on our own. There was no label, so we just started writing, we were doing some tours on our own just playing headlining shows around the country. We just took it easy and finally we got a little interest from a label and decided to make an album. It felt right, the right time, so we did it.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Trust Company ‘Dreaming In Black And White’ EPK

Trust Company 2011
Trust Company are out with an electronic press kit for their third studio album ‘Dreaming In Black And White’, which comes out Marhc 8th on E1 Music. The EPK features the band in the studio, previews from songs on the CD, and offers commentary from band members Kevin Palmer and James Fukai plus producer Chuck Alkazian. “I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that our last record came out in 2005, but the majority of that record was written and recorded in 2003,” Palmer said about the band’s growth since ‘True Parallels’. “You kind of hit new stages as you go along, and I definitely feel we’re at a new stage.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Trust Company ‘Heart In My Hands’ Video

Trust Company 'Heart In My Hands' music video

Trust Company are out with the music video to their new single ‘Heart In My Hands’, the first release from the Alabama-based rock band’s third studio album ‘Dreaming In Black and White’, out March 8th via E1 Music. Watch the Chris Stanford directed video via YouTube below.

TRUSTcompany Sets Tour Dates

TrustCompany 'True Parallels'

TRUSTcompany is set to hit the road starting February 5 in Atlanta and ending April 12 in Tampa in support of its latest release ‘The Lonely Position Of Neutral’. Frontman Kevin Palmer talked with Yahoo! Music about performing live and how it sometimes is difficult for him emotionally. “I’ve told some friends before that sometimes when we’re playing these songs live, singing them and reliving that, it’s sometimes hard,” Palmer said. “Because whenever you’re singing them it takes you back to when you wrote it, and sometimes it’s hard to relive that stuff. But it’s a necessary evil, it’s just part of it. If you’re going to give a piece of you out there, it’s not always going to be easy. That’s part of it.”

TrustCompany On What Bands They Sound Like


Neal Weiss of caught up with Kevin Palmer and Jason Singleton (whom they mistakenly refer to repeatedly as Justin) of TRUSTcompany and asked the group if someone were to force them to describe what their band sounds like, what would they say. “That’s always the toughest question. But like I said before I think we’re a product of our influences, as every band is, and we listen to a variety of stuff–bands like the Deftones that have a harder edge, those are bands that I’ve always loved,” frontman Kevin said. “But I’m also a fan of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins that have softer vocals and singing melodies–I’m a sucker for a chorus. We like to have big heavy riffs that can rip someone’s head off, but we usually lay our softer vocals over it, cause I have a softer voice, though every once in a while the vocals will come out and hit hard.”

Hitting The Road With TRUSTcompany


Teen Scene magazine chatted with TRUSTcompany as they traveled cross-country. The Alabama band joked about their “home” being on the road. “In Alabama, there aren’t any clubs for bands to play in,” said Kevin Palmer. Bandmate Josh Moates added, “Actually, the last concert to come here was, like, Cinderella and White Lion. We all worked, so even though we’d play out of town every weekend, we’d only drive as far as we could make it and still get back for our jobs on Monday.”

Korn, Disturbed & TRUSTcompany To Tour Together’s Miss Truth reports Korn, Disturbed, and Trust Company are talking about hitting the road together for a fall North American tour, according to Disturbed frontman David Draiman.