Theory Of A Deadman On ‘The Truth Is…’, Howard Benson & Milestones

Theory Of A Deadman perform for T-Mobile Monthly 4G

Theory Of A Deadman performed tracks from their latest record ‘The Truth Is…’, live from the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado for Walmart Soundcheck presented by T-Mobile Monthly 4G. The six-song set included ‘Gentleman’, ‘All or Nothing’, ‘Out of My Head’, ‘Lowlife’, ‘Santa Monica’ and ‘Hurricane’.

During an interview, Tyler Connolly, Dave Brenner, Dean Back and Joey Dandeneau talked about the story behind the album title, staying with Howard Benson on the project, the story behind ‘Gentleman’, working with 3 Doors Down on The Better Life Foundation, the story behind the ‘Hurricane’ music video, what they learned touring with Motley Crue and 3 Doors Down, and their career milestones.

Talking about the album title, Tyler explained, “‘The Truth Is…’ is the first time out of our four records that we named the album for a song title. The songs on the record were kind of just truths. For me lyrically I kind of go above and beyond, maybe below what people say in songs. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio and I’ll be like ‘c’mon, go for it!’ Just say what you want to say. I think on this record a lot of people were saying, ‘Wow, you sound so bitter.’ I’m not necessarily bitter, just truthful I think. There’s a lot of truth in this record.”

On sticking with the same producer, Dave said, “We’ve been with Howard Benson for three records now. We decided to stick with him for ‘The Truth Is…’. I think for a few reasons. One is we like working with him and his team. It’s familiar and comfortable for us and also we’ve had great success working with him and we feel why mess with stuff while it’s working. So Howard, we’ll consider you for the fifth if he plays his cards right.”

On the ‘Hurricane’ video, Tyler said, “I had this idea that I wanted to be on top of a mountain, have an eagle on each hand, and I want to fly. I don’t know, it wasn’t in the budget. We always look for something interesting and new and different, and this was the first video we ever did where there wasn’t a band performance, which I’m sure the guys all liked. They didn’t have to fly out and play on top of a mountain. It turned out great. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would.”

Talking about their career milestones in the band, Dave said, “I feel like it’s been ten years of these moments. You come out being a bunch of kids that don’t know what the heck to expect and what’s going on, and all of the sudden your first week of record sales comes back and we sell like 13,000. I remember not being able to fathom how many people that was. We had played for 30 people. So it’s just been one milestone after another. We’re a band that really sets goals for ourselves, so achieving the goals is an important part of setting them. If you never achieve them you can never set new ones, so yeah it’s been 10 years of milestones for us.”

The performance and interview at has since been removed. Check out additional pictures from their appearance after the cut. (more…)

Tour Tyler Connolly’s House

Tyler Connolly in the studio
Ever wonder it’s like being a rock star? Join Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly as he gives you a tour of his house, home studio and what it’s like to record an album. Pre-order the Canadian rock band’s new album ‘The Truth Is…’ ahead of its July 12th release from iTunes.

“I’ve got a little live room in here too,” Tyler said. “Jam in here. My neighbors haven’t complained yet. They’re really cool with me, because sometimes I crank my guitar so loud people come over and say, ‘Dude, I can hear that from the street man. It’s really loud.'”

Tyler is then seen hopping in his car en route to Mix LA and talked about doing vocal warm-ups when driving, which occasionally has people giving him funny looks. Watch it via YouTube below.

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Theory Of A Deadman Discuss Touring With Motley Crue interviews Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly, guitarist Dave Brenner and bassist Dean Back at their stop in Nashville, Tennessee, on tour with Motley Crue and Hinder. The guys talked touring, Gibson guitars and basses, and Motley Crue. “For us it’s like you spend a lot of time touring, doing your own shows and playing for your fans,” Brenner said of the Crew invite. “It’s cool to play for people that maybe aren’t your fans or for people who don’t know who you are.” Tyler added that he’s “pretty much watched them every night just because it’s such a cool show.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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