The Walkmen Live At Triple Door

The Walkmen performed an exclusive set at the Triple Door in Seattle on January 25th as part of KEXP’s VIP Club concert series. Watch performances of ‘Donde Esta La Playa’ and ‘On The Water’ below.

‘Live It Loud’ In New York

The Features, American Hi-Fi, Ben Kweller, and The Walkmen were on hand for ‘Live it Loud’ with Dentyne at Irving Plaza on Monday (March 28) in New York City. The Kick-off event benefits the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America’s public schools by restoring music programs in cities across the country. CHeck out pictures from GettyImages (arrivals / show), WireImage, and FilmMagic.

Fourth UK Trip Is A Charm For The Walkmen

The Walkmen’s keyboardist Walter Martin and guitarist Paul Maroon told Radio 1 their trip to the UK from New York this time in support of ‘Bows & Arrows’ is much different from their previous visits when they were virtually unknown. “I think it’s our fourth trip. But we never had anything released here,” they explained. “We came over I think prematurely. We got really excited that there had been sort of a ‘goldrush’ over here – and it didn’t exactly happen! We came three times, and we beat our heads against the wall. This time we’re here and we’re staying in a nice hotel and well-rested and coming to the BBC on our first day. So it feels very different. That’s part of being bitter – you don’t expect anything good to happen!”

The Walkmen Are More Rockin’ On Latest Effort

The Walkmen lead singer Hamilton Leithauser spoke with Get Real Detroit to discuss the band’s new album ‘Bows and Arrows’. “The new record is a lot more rocking than the first one. It just comes from touring a lot since that first record, getting sick of playing those songs and wanting to write faster songs,” Leithauser said. “The first one has more instruments on it and stuff because we really didn’t know what we wanted to do, so we were experimenting more. This one is supposed to be like our live show. It’s more comfortable to do it this way.”