The Rakes ‘1989’ Video

The Rakes are out with the video to their new single ‘1989’, off the London, England indie rock group’s third studio album ‘Klang’, out now on V2. Watch the Steve Glashie directed video below.

The Rakes Perform iTunes Gig In London

The Rakes performed live on stage as part of ‘The iTunes Music Festival’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) on July 18th in London, England. Over 60 artists will perform through July at the first ever iTunes music fesitval. Every show will be recorded and made available for download on iTunes. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

More Depth For The Rakes On ‘Ten New Messages’

The Sun’s Something For The Weekend caught up with The Rakes singer Alan Donohoe about the very different style of music on the band’s new album ‘Ten New Messages’. “There was a conscious decision to make it more complicated in structure,” he explained. “Songs like ’22 Grand Job’ are very catchy and simple, but we wanted to move on. We wanted something with more depth. We also just got better at writing songs. It’s three years on now and we’re not the heavy drinking young men we were when we did the first album.” The transcript at has since been archived.

Is Lily Allen Hooking Up With The Rakes Drummer?

The Sunday Mirror reports Lily Allen and The Rakes drummer Lasse Petersen were spotted heading to a room at the K West Hotel in London’s Hammersmith. When pals joined them for a drink 30 minutes later, Lasse was sprawled in his bed looking a bit worse for wear. “It was all a bit strange,” a spy revealed. “They were both acting like nothing had happened. But it clearly looked like something had been going on as Lasse was lying in bed and wasn’t fully-clothed. And Lily looked very pleased with herself indeed. They were giggling at each other all night.”