Preston Fires Back At Web’s ‘Faceless, Bitchy World’

Samuel Preston of the Ordinary Boys isn’t happy that some fans are rejecting his band because of his fame since starring on ‘Big Brother’ and marrying co-star Chantelle Houghton. “I think our real fans have grown with us. All those hanging on to the revivalist sound we had didn’t understand us, what we had potential to make,” he explained to The Sun’s Something For The Week. “The internet can be a faceless, bitchy world and there has been a bit of that on our website, people who think they own the band. I try to be funny and satirical and people who don’t get it, well, I don’t care. I just laugh myself to sleep. As for Chantelle, well now we are happily married people aren’t interested. All they can write is: ‘They lived happily ever after.'” The full story at has since been removed.

Ordinary Boys On ‘Popworld’

Alexa Chung from ‘Popworld’ went behind the scenes as the Ordinary Boys shot the video to their new single ‘Nine2Five’. Watch the segment here.

Ordinary Boys Singer: Don’t Say ‘Chav’

Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston is speaking out against a favorite British slang term to ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine. “I’ll tell you what makes me angry: anyone who uses the word ‘chav’,” he said. “It’s my least favourite buzzword. It stands for council house adolescent vermin. So basically, it’s middle-class people saying, ‘Aren’t poor people gross?’ We should all stop using that word.”