Vans Warped Tour 2005 Press Conference

Travis Barker of The Transplants, Noodles of The Offspring, and Bleeding Through attended the Vans Warped Tour 2005 Press Conference on May 11th at House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

The Offspring’s Hard Work Pays Off

The Offspring rock

The Offspring slogged for ten years before ‘Smash’ was literally that, as single after single raced up the charts, the group helped usher in the 90s punk trend. “While all that was happening, we knew that we were the same guys who stank in a van,” Noodles tells Australia’s Beat magazine. “Now we just stink in a bus. We tried to not let the hype get to us. We’re all blown away that this is what we get to go do everyday, what we get to do for a living. In some respects we take it seriously, like we want to play a good show. But as far as ‘we’re some great big band’, we can’t take that seriously. You can’t. We work hard and try to make what we do better and better but we were just the right band at the right time. A lot of this is luck.”

On TV: New Found Glory, Rooney, The Offspring

The late night shows are in reruns this week so the schedule for new music performances on TV this week is light. ‘Total Request Live’ will have New Found Glory perform on Tuesday, while blink-182 phones into ‘TRL’ on Wednesday to premiere their new video. Fox’s ‘Summer Music Mania 2004’ will feature performances by Rooney and 3 Doors Down on Tuesday, while the WB’s ‘Pepsi Smash’ will feature performances by Rooney and New Found Glory on Thursday. On FUSE’s ‘IMX’, look for The Offspring on Tuesday and Auf Der Maur on Wednesday.

Noodles Comments On Ron Welty’s The Offspring Departure

The Offspring photoshoot

After two decades in the business, the Offspring experienced a shift on their latest album ‘Splinter’, with original drummer Ron Welty leaving the group, replaced on the album by veteran studio drummer Josh Freese, and now on tour and for the foreseeable future by Atom Willard, formerly of Rocket From the Crypt. “I think that Ron and the rest of us were just kind of going in different directions,” guitarist Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman tells Las Vegas Weekly of the split. “We just had different ideas about what this band, and what it meant to us as individuals, and what it means to us as a whole, and where we should be going and how we should be doing things.” Read more.

Dexter Holland Explains ‘Chinese Democracy’ Gag

The Offspring music

The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland spoke with fans in an MSN chat recently and was asked what happened to naming the album ‘Chinese Democracy You Snooze you Lose’ before later deciding to go with ‘Splinter’. “‘Chinese Democracy’ was just a joke. That title wouldn’t have had anything to do with our record,” Holland said. “We chose the title ‘Splinter’ because I think musically and lyrically this record splinters off in different directions.”

Not So Silent Night 2003 Photos

Live 105 of San Francisco had their Not So Silent Night 2003 featuring Offspring, Rancid, Iggy Pop, and Jane’s Addiction on Friday (December 12). Check out pictures from GettyImages.

The Offspring Show A Seriousness On ‘Splinter’

The Offspring 'Splinter' album cover

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed the Offspring’s new album ‘Splinter’. He writes, “The band’s trademark sense of humor is still in the lyrics, but there’s plenty of seriousness here for a group that made its biggest hit with ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’.” The full review at has since been removed.