The Kooks Get Stuck On A Train

The Kooks on steps

Luke Pritchard, lead singer of The Kooks, did a travel related Q&A with The Independent, where the 26-year-old talked about his favorite holiday memory in Corfu, his girlfriend being an ideal travelling companion, reading Life by Keith Richards on vacation, being a fan of New York City, the best and worst hotels he’s stayed at, and his worst travel experience. On the latter topic, Luke said:

We were doing a series of acoustic gigs across the East Coast of America and got stuck on a train from Philadelphia to New York. The whole thing just stopped in the middle of the tracks. We had to walk for hours in the searing heat, with all our guitars and equipment, until we reached the next station. It did feel like we were in a Kerouac novel, though.

Luke Pritchard Of The Kooks Not An ‘X Factor’ Advocate

The Kooks sky

Luke Pritchard of The Kooks tells Digital Spy that reality singing shows like ‘The X Factor’ cheapens music and those thinking he might appear on the show or similar programs shouldn’t hold their breath. “I don’t really agree with the whole thing at all,” the frontman said. “I think it’s pretty disgraceful, so I think I’d probably turn it down if they offered it to us. It’s so obvious, man. They’ve pulled this kind of stunt on everyone. It’s so clever. They don’t have to pay people, these people who go there.”

The Kooks ‘Junk Of The Heart’ Out September 13th

The Kooks band

The Kooks will release third album ‘Junk of the Heart’ on September 13th on Astralwerks Records, preceded by the release of a debut single of the same name on July 11th. Additionally, the Brighton, England band worked with producer Tony Hoffer on the project, recording in The Sound Factory (Los Angeles) and Sarm Studios (London).

“It’s upbeat; an album to play in the sun,” frontman Luke Pritchard said about the forthcoming 12 song collection. “What we really wanted to do was build a proper, full album. Something you can listen to from front to back. We’re an album band and this is a journey you come on with us.”

The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard On Cage Against The Machine

Luke Pritchard of The Kooks spoke with London’s Absolute Radio about the recording of this year’s anti-‘X Factor’ single from Cage Against The Machine, recreating composer John Cage’s experimental work 4’33”, the sound of an orchestra not playing. The single will raise money for five charities, including Calm, a service for young men at risk of suicide and the British Tinnitus Association. Luke also talked about the new album, not wanting to describe the sound yet, and not watching ‘X Factor’ usually. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Luke Pritchard Discusses The Kooks Third Album

Luke Pritchard of The Kooks talked with NME backstage at V Festival 2010. The frontman talked about how the recording process for upcoming third album has been different than with the first two, having a new producer on the project, adapting to having two new guys in the band, how their time on the road influenced the album’s lyrics, and hopes to release the CD in February. Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

Luke Pritchard Backstage At Hard Rock Calling

Luke Pritchard from The Kooks chats with Absolute Radio’s Ben Jones at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park. The frontman talked about touring South America, getting an infection, internet death rumors, and wanting to come back with a bang with their third record. Watch via YouTube below.

The Kooks Talk With Rockville CA

Rockville CA on TheWB caught up with The Kooks, who talked about travelling a lot, meeting each other at a music college, and how it’s a new start for the band with Peter Denton coming in and Max Rafferty leaving. Watch the brief interview at YouTube.

The Kooks Offer Signed Guitar For 3FM’s Serious Request

The Kooks

The Kooks urged fans to support Radio 3FM’s Serious Request, a project which the Dutch station runs to collect money for projects of the Red Cross. The Brighton, England indie rock act offered one of their guitars to the cause, and signed it. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Kooks Frontman Luke Pritchard To Star In Horror Film

The Kooks

The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard tells The Sun he’s set to star in a horror movie as he takes some time out from the music industry. “I’ve been doing a lot of music for films recently but which has been a nice change but now I’m keen to explore the acting side of things,” Pritchard explained. “I’m currently talking to a female American director about a possible movie. It’s a scary horror B type film. It’s going to be really cheesy but fu**ed up with a bit of Paris Texas thrown in. It sounds great. I think it will be fun to try out something a bit different.” Read more.

The Kooks Cover ‘Young Folks’

Footage of The Kooks jamming and rehearsing ‘Peter Bjorn And John’s ‘Young Folks’ in Paris, France has been posted at the Brighton, England indie rock group’s YouTube channel. Watch it below.