The Hoosiers Talk ‘Bumpy Ride’, Touring & Bonus DVD

The Hoosiers rock - Alphonso Sharland, Martin Skarendahl and Irwin Sparkes

Alphonso Sharland and Irwin Sparkes of The Hoosiers chatted with Martyn Smith for Base Studios, where the pair talked about being in town for an album to promote and playing a lot of schools, wanting to move the sonic template on the new album, learning things from the first album, and how they wanted to reward fans by adding a bonus DVD to ‘Bumpy Ride’ with live versions of some of the songs. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The Hoosiers Tractor Tragedy?

The Hoosiers in a car

The Hoosiers go back to basics in their first Pepsi Maxcast video. Irwin Sparkes and Alphonso Sharland ditched music for farming, taping the episode while in a tractor, and turned to the soil. But what happened to Martin Skarendahl? Find out below.

The Hoosiers ‘Goodbye Mr A’ Video

The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers are out with the video to their new single ‘Goodbye Mr A’, from the band’s debut album ‘Trick To Life’, out in the UK on October 22nd. Watch it below.