The Grates ‘Aw Yeah’ Video

The Grates

The Grates are out with the video to their new single ‘Aw Yeah’, the second release off the Brisbane indie rock trio’s second album ‘Teeth Lost, Hearts Won’, out now on Dew Process. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

Pauhaus Festival In Brisbane

The Grates, Bit By Bats, Dappled Cities, and The Panics performed at the Pauhaus Festival at the Powerhouse on June 9th in Brisbane, Australia. Check out pictures from WireImage. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from YouTube.

Hometown Hero… Maybe Not For The Grates’ Guitarist

The Grates

The Grates guitarist John Patterson spoke with Time Off magazine about how success has changed things for him in his Brisbane hometown. “I’m still hated by all of my friends, and it kinda feels exactly the same,” he admits, about each return home. “It only feels weird when, like, sometimes when we all go out at the same time to go get something to eat, and then someone yells out from a car, ‘You suck!’. One time it was, ‘I just bought your album!’ and then, ‘The Grates suck!’. But yeah, I don’t notice anything different unless we play a show.” The article at has since been removed.

Time For Morning Glory

The Sun’s Something For The Weekend caught up with Aimee Nash of The Morning After Girls for a Q&A, who discussed the psychedelic rockers not being the typical Aussie group. “No, there aren’t many bands like us there, though there are a lot of good bands coming out of Australia now Wolfmother, The Vines and The Grates are just a few you’ll know of,” she said. “When I was a teenager a lot of people weren’t into the same music as me, so when I met the guys it was great. I was a bit of an outsider at school who didn’t go to the crazy dance parties or Blue Light discos we have at schools there.” The full story at has since been archived.

Falls Festival

The Zutons, The Grates, and Dallas Crane performed during the Falls Festival on December 30th in Lorne, Australia. Check out pictures from GettyImages.