The Faint ‘The Geeks Were Right’ Video

The Faint 'The Geeks Were Right' music video

The Faint are out with the video to their new single ‘The Geeks Were Right’, the first release off the Omaha, Nebraska indie rock group’s fifth full-length album ‘Fasciinatiion’, out now on blank.wav. Watch it below.

‘With the Lights Out’ Dark, Illuminating

Nirvana 'With the Lights Out' album cover

Darryl Sterdan of the Winnipeg Sun reviewed Nirvana’s long-awaited box set ‘With the Lights Out’, giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Sterdan writes, “Granted, it’s not a trip for the faint of heart. Nor is it aimed at the Nirvana newbie or fair-weather fan — you have to be a true devotee to put up with the bootleg-quality sound of some tracks. But for those willing to make the journey to the heart of Cobain’s darkness, ‘With the Lights Out’ presents a treasure trove of significant cuts and historic moments.” Read more.

The Faint Frontman Too Busy To Ponder Follow-Up

The Faint singer Todd Baechle tells Australia’s Time Off magazine that they’ve been so busy rehearsing and refining their live show, they haven’t thought much about a follow-up to ‘Wet From Birth’. “We’ve been getting together every single day at our practice space,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of songs we have to learn how to play and we also have to make videos for the live show. [Post-recording and pre-touring] is the time when we get to play catch-up and actually become the band that can play the songs we’ve just made. At this point we’re not interested in having them differ too much from record to the stage. It took a long time to decide how we were going to record them so we’re not going to change them just yet. When we write songs we don’t think too much about how we’re going to play them live.”

The Faint ‘I Disappear’ Video

The Faint are out with the video to their new single 'I Disappear', from the album 'Wet From Birth'. Watch it online below.

The Faint Not Interested In Major Labels

Ben Wener of The Orange County Register spoke with The Faint frontman Todd Baechle on why the group has turned down record deals from DreamWorks, Interscope, and Warner Bros. to stick with tiny Omaha label Saddle Creek. Todd admits, "We talked a lot about it and dealt with a lot of labels, but it's just a big confusing mess. We're trying to educate ourselves — that's why we entertained so many offers — but I hate it because it's not about music, it's about products and where you can sell and what you can market. That's not what a band should be about."

Touring With No Doubt Different For The Faint

Steve Hanna of Entertainment Today spoke with Todd Baechle of The Faint ahead of their tour with No Doubt, a tour Hanna has some nervous feelings about. "We're going to be playing in front of people where nobody knows our music, so it's gonna be harder than, you know, where everybody's jumping up and down, and singing your words to you," he admits.