The Coral Comes Roaring Out Of The Garage

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed The Coral’s new effort ‘Magic and Medicine’ and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist John Frusciante’s latest solo effort ‘Shadows Collide With People’. Farber says The Coral “retains the fuzz-toned guitars, mangy vocals and rackety drums that pegged it as a follower of mid-’60s garage rock. But this time it mixes its tense, noisy sounds with more relaxed and woodsy ones. Think: The Zombies meets early Traffic.” And Frusciante’s latest “doesn’t have that kind of inspiration or surprise. But it shows dramatic improvement over its three predecessors.” The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Courtney Love Shows Hip Hop Street Cred

The New York Post reports Courntey Love insisted that Spin magazine’s Marc Spitz hear her new CD ‘America’s Sweetheart’ at J.T. Leroy’s bash at the Coral Room. Love dragged Spitz outside to find a car stereo and tried rap mogul Damon Dash’s unoccupied SUV. When Dash’s chauffeur stopped her, Love demonstrated her hip-hop street cred saying, “No, it’s OK! I know Damon Dash, I know DMX, I know them all!”

Guinness Witnness Festival Photos

Flint, The Cardigans, The Coral, Flaming Lips, Appleton, and Coldplay performed at the Guinness Witnness Festival at Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend. Check out pictures from GettyImages and ShowbizIreland (day1 / day2).

On TV: Everclear, The Coral, Simple Plan

Rock acts on talk television this week include Everclear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later tonight, the Datsuns on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, the Coral on Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday, Simple Plan on the Tonight Show on Friday, and the Ataris on Late Night on Friday.

The Coral’s Eclectic Music Interest Led To Different Sound

While the other kids were busy occupying street corners, The Coral guitarist and vocalist Lee Southall and crew were rooting around Liverpool record stores for interesting things to listen to, which is what led to their eclectic sound. “It was a hunger for music,” he told Elizabeth Bromstein of Now Toronto. “And my parents listened to a lot of Motown, so I love, like, Scott Walker and Smokey Robinson.” Read more.

The Coral Prefer Their North American Intro

As The Coral prepare for their first North American tour, bassist and saxophonist Paul Duffy says the gradual introduction to this side of the Atlantic has helped the group pace themselves. “All the press we were getting in Britain was a bit over me head at first,” Duffy tells Kieran Grant of the Toronto Eye. “We’re getting to grips with it now. We like to enjoy ourselves, play with our image. It’s such early days yet and we can do that.” has since removed the article.

On TV: Tonic, Papa Roach, The Coral

Tonic 'Head On Straight'

Rock acts on talk television this week include Tonic on the Caroline Rhea Show on Monday. Also on Monday, Foo Fighters perform on the Late Show with David Letterman, while across the dial, Good Charlotte perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tuesday, Tonic again will perform on Last Call with Carson Daly, and Papa Roach performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Friday, the Coral appear on Conan, while The Walkmen perform on Last Call.