Matt MacDonald Discusses Earthquake Relief In Haiti

The Classic Crime

A message from Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime about the situation in Haiti and what you can do to help has been posted at YouTube. The Seattle indie rock band is currently offering their upcoming album ‘Vagabonds’ for pre-order, with all proceeds from the sale going to earthquake relief in Haiti. The album will be available in stores and online April 6th. Watch the message below the cut. (more…)

The Classic Crime Visit Haiti – Part 1

The Classic Crime

The Classic Crime visited Haiti in November 2009, two months before the country was hit with a devastating earthquake. Watch part one of some of what the band saw there via YouTube below the cut. You can support Haiti disaster relief by pre-ordering their new album ‘Vagabonds’ at the Tooth & Nail Store. All profits go directly to help Haiti. (more…)

The Classic Crime Frolic In Santa’s Playland

The Classic Crime

After a fast food stop on The Classic Crime’s last tour, the Seattle rock band randomly stumbled across a magical land full of good tidings and seasonal cheer in Eastern Washington or Idaho. This is that story.

The Classic Crime Gear Up For Tour At Jam Box

Skip Erickson

Skip Erickson of The Classic Crime hosts the group’s first video blog on their MySpace TV channel, something they’ll be doing on their upcoming tour. The first webisode features the guys at their practice space at Jam Box in Seattle, with Skip showing off their gear and offering a quick peek at their setlist – though you can pause to see it obviously. Watch it below.