Matt Caughthran & Joby Ford Talk With Kerrang!

Kerrang! joined Matt Caughthran and Joby Ford of The Bronx to get the lowdown on their forthcoming album ‘Mariachi El Bronx’. They also talked about their live show, featuring a string trio before showing one of their performances. Watch via YouTube below.

The Bronx Talk With NME At SXSW

The Bronx

The Bronx reminisced with NME about good times spent with The Hives at Stubb’s BBQ back in 2004, looking forward to the weekend ahead at this year’s SXSW, their just finished Shred Yr Face Tour, and what’s coming up for them. Watch it via YouTube below.

The Bronx ‘Mi Hermano Y Pistola’ Live

The Bronx

Altitude TV has footage of The Bronx performing an acoustic version of ‘Mi Hermano Y Pistola’, likely taken from the Los Angeles punk rock group’s upcoming Mariachi album ‘El Bronx’. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

The Bronx’s Caughthran Won’t Whine About Tour Grind

The Bronx

The Bronx frontman Matt Caughthran spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about having little patience for his peers who complain about the pressures of long tours. “Mate, this is what we love. I mean, what the fu** else am I going to do,” Matt asked. “You certainly won’t hear me complaining about being in a band and touring and recording, and it pisses me off to a certain extent – when I see or hear people whining about it. It’s like, ‘Get a fu**in’ bit of perspective’, you know? It’s not like we’re laborers or anything.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

The Bronx Adjust To Popularity

Joby Ford of The Bronx tells Australia’s Beat magazine he’s proud to have been able to take their music to foreign lands. “That to us is a huge accomplishment, because none of us have really been out of LA or the West Coast before,” he explained. “We’ve all been playing in different bands for the last ten years, not being paid and begging people to come to shows. This is the first band I’ve been in that people actually want to see. It’s a strange feeling.”