The Automatic Hate Sandi Thom

Popworld caught up with The Automatic for a Q&A and asked what was the last song they really hated. Frontman Rob Hawkins responded, “We hate Sandi Thom. I haven’t found anyone who’s told me they like that song and bought it.” Asked if they thought she’s a PR stunt, drummer Iwan Griffiths responded, “I think it is.” Hawkins added, “It is, we know it is.” Keyboardist Alex Pennie chimed in, “I don’t think she really wants to be a punk rocker. I don’t think she even knows the meaning of the word punk rocker.” And guitarist James Frost concluded, “If she was a punk rocker with flowers in her hair she’d get the sh** kicked out of her by other punk rockers, for having flowers in her hair.” has since shut down.

Q&A With The Automatic Singer

The Sun’s ‘Something For The Weekend’ spoke with Rob Hawkins of The Automatic in a Q&A and asked the singer if the band’s new single ‘Monster’ is a good representation of their new album ‘Not Accepted Anywhere’, due out Monday in the UK. “I’d say Monster is at the poppier end of things,” he said. “We also have heavier stuff which reflects our heavier influences stuff like ‘Refused’ and ‘Million Dead’. We toured with The Kooks and they’re very poppy which was a bit weird as I always thought of us as a punk band. But I don’t mind being lumped in as a pop act.” The full story at has since been archived.

The Automatic Visit ‘Popworld’

Rob and Pennie of The Automatic dropped by ‘Popworld’ to talk with Simon and Miquita about how they stand out in the crowded music marketplace, not going with two names, their new single ‘Raoul’, their dating status, and more. Watch the interview here.