The Androids Perform On Nine’s ‘Today’

The Androids dropped by Nine’s ‘Today’ on Friday (June 29) for their 25th anniversary celebration, talking with Richard Wilkins briefly before performing their new single ‘Whole Lotta Love’. Watch it via below.

The Androids And The Superjesus On Fly Screen

This week’s Fly Screen includes a quiz on all things pop with The Androids — including questions on Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, Sophie Monk, Robbie Williams, and Christina Aguilera. They also played the group’s latest video ‘Here She Comes’. Jade also talks with The Superjesus, who are now a trio. They also asked people on the street to put together an all-star boy band. has since removed the video.

The Androids Are In It For The Fun

Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine reviewed the debut self-titled solo effort from The Androids, giving it 3 out of 5 stars. He writes, “While other new bands would have us believe they’re in it for the fun, The Androids don’t cast a doubt.” Read more.

Did It With Madonna

After the Androids hit it big with ‘Do It With Madonna’, when the Material Girl knows your name, doors may well open. The group landed a dream support gig for Kiss at Telstra Dome last month, that’s a reality frontman Tim Henwood still has trouble believing. “‘Do It With Madonna’ took me 20 minutes to write. I spent from midnight to 5am demoing it one morning, and now Madonna has actually heard it,” he told Michael Dwyer of The Age. “It never occurred to me that would happen. It was funny, though, because at the time I remember being careful what I was saying just in case any of them did hear it – ‘Don’t insult anyone. How would you like it if you were Pink?'” Read more.

Madonna Loves ‘Do It With Madonna’

The Androids frontman Tim Henwood tells Undercover News that their breakout hit ‘Do It With Madonna’ is a big hit with the song’s main subject. “What we got back was she loves it” Henwood said. The reaction from the huge Australian hit of last summer filtered all the way to New York and grabbed Madonna’s attention. “Someone from her record company emailed our record company and asked top be sent the single,” Tim says. “They did and they got an email back saying she loves it.”

The Androids Talk About ‘Do It With Madonna’

The Androids chatted with ABC Broadband’s FlyScreen about their Australian hit ‘Do It With Madonna’. They say that Madonna has been sent a copy of the video, and they also said they are big fans of Kylie Minogue but “Madonna’s been doing it a little bit longer,” so they had to name the song after her. Then they phoned some fan named Teresa and sang ‘I’d Rather Do It With Teresa.’ has since removed the video.