Chuck Billy’s Ultimate Jam Band

Chuck Billy of Testament spoke with Revolver TV about the dream band he’d like to put together to jam with ahead of the Revolver Golden God Awards. “Man a lot of them are here,” Chuck said. “Zakk Wylde for sure, and probably [Dave] Grohl for drums for sure. I wouldn’t sing, I’d probably stand in the wings and watch Rob Halford rip it up. But I mean yea, to jam with Zakk and those guys would be awesome.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed, but check out Chuck’s interview with Revolution magazine below.

Search For The Next Great Metal Band

Richard Christy, former drummer of Death and Iced Earth, and Alex Skolnick, guitarist of Testament, discussed the partnership between Metal Blade Records, local record stores, and to ‘Search For The Next Great Metal Band’. Watch the promo via YouTube below.

Testament ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ Video

Testament are out the video to their new single ‘More Than Meets The Eye’, from the Oakland thrash metal band’s ninth studio album ‘The Formation of Damnation’, out now on Nuclear Blast. Watch it via YouTube below.