Tesla Perform In Indianapolis

Tesla with special guests Eve to Adam and Matthew Genovese performed in concert on July 17th at The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tesla performed a second show on Friday with Poets & Pornstars opening. Check out pictures from FilmMagic (July 17 / July 20).

Unnamed Tesla Member Makes Higgins Show A Nightmare


Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins posted the following message on Wednesday (November 30), following her performance at The Viper Room in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Last night, before I’d even opened my mouth to sing my first song, a man at the bar with an 80’s hairdo started mumbling drunkenly ‘yeeeah, sing it girl’ while waving his beer at me,” Higgins writes. “I stared at him, fingers poised in the position of ‘Nightminds’, thinking ‘you’re gonna be trouble aren’t you, you prick’. I started the song, and low and behold the entire room became dead silent except this one guy (who I later found out was an ex-member of Tesla, a famous 80’s hair band. Figures.) It was embarrassing for everyone, so I decided to change the end of the song to ‘and in our honesty, together we will rise, out of our nightminds and into the light, can you please shut up [dark stare] at the end of the fight.’ There were cheers because everybody felt the same, and he said nothing, just held the pretty blond he had next to him a little closer and stared into his drink. By the next song he’d forgotten all about the incident (apparently after 27 Rum and Coke’s one loses all concept of dignity) and started hollering again. You know how in primary school when someone says something really mean to you, you go to sleep that night fantasizing about what you could have said to them? Well I was almost disappointed when he was escorted out during that song; I was conjuring up all the marvelously humiliating things I could have said to him. Something like ‘Why are you here? Why don’t you just go home and listen to Kiss, or something from the era you’re obviously stuck in!’ Looking back, and also reading what I just wrote, I’m really glad I didn’t say that.”

Tesla Guitarist Enters Rehab


Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch has entered an undisclosed facility to seek treatment for addiction, “an illness that cannot be defeated without help,” according to a statement from the rest of the group. “We hope you will all join us in wishing him a very healthy recovery so that he is able to return to the band.” Filling in on guitar in Tommy’s absence for the upcoming shows will be Scott Johnson.

After All These Years, Tesla Have A Hit

Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch spoke with Sean Richardson of the Boston Phoenix about their surprise hit album ‘Into the Now’, the band’s first new studio album in 10 years. “Dude, can you believe it? I think we’re going to pull a little Aerosmith here,” Skeoch enthused. “I’m not trying to compare us to them or anything; we were never as big as them. But I never thought we would get back together, let alone write such a great record. It’s pure joy. We still have arguments and everything, but we communicate much better. When things go down, we sort it out. We appreciate it more this time around. Back in the day, I think we took a lot of things for granted.” The full story at Bostonphoenix.com has since been removed.

Don’t Call Tesla A Glam Band

While Tesla may have toured with Poison at the close of the ’80s, bassist Brian Wheat tells Newt Briggs of the Las Vegas Mercury that this certainly doesn’t warrant comparison to the two bands musically. “We didn’t write songs about fu**ing our old lady in the back of the car,” he explained. “We might have done it, we just didn’t write songs about it.” As for those that want to lump the group into the “hair band” era, he added, “Without sounding arrogant or anything, I don’t really think we were like those bands. You know, we’ve kind of unfairly been lumped in that category, but we were far from a glam band. If anything, we were a blues-based rock band like Led Zeppelin or Bad Company.” Read more.