Tenacious D Perform In San Francisco

Tenacious D performed in support of the bands ‘And the Pick of Destiny’ tour at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on November 20th in San Francisco, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Tenacious D: Jacko Crazier Than Courtney Love

Tenacious D outside an outhouse

Blender magazine caught up with Tenacious D stars Jack Black and Kyle Gass and asked who they thought were crazier between Michael Jackson or Courtney Love. “Oh, I’d say Michael Jackson,” Gass said. “Courtney Love wants to be the bad rocker, but Michael — he seems, like, a step beyond.” Black added, “Yeah. He’s not doing any heroin. He’s just really fu**in’ fu**ed up. He’s certifiable. You shouldn’t be able to buy kids. Just because you’re rich enough to buy them doesn’t mean you should be allowed to have them.”

Jack Black Lashes Out At ‘Nincompoop’ Bush

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, actor Tenacious D bandmember Jack Black speaks about Hollywood politics, including the “War on Terror”, the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his home state of California, the Democrats, the Rockefeller Drug Laws, and his new documentary, ’60 Spins Around the Sun,’ about comedian/activist Randy Credico. Black lashed out at George Bush calling the President “a Dangerous nincompoop.” Listen to the interview 40-minutes into the show here.

Tenacious D Press Conference For New DVD

Tenacious D held a press conference to announce the release of ‘Tenacious D – The Complete Masterworks, The Greatest DVD Ever Sold’ on Monday (November 3) at The Millennium Hotel in New York City, and later pulled a David Blaine by suspending themselves in a plexiglass box at MTV Studios in Times Square. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, GettyImages, and WireImage (page1 / page2).