Ted Nugent: Obama To Blame For America’s Anemic Economy

Ted Nugent is slamming President Obama in an editorial for the Washington Times as America continues to face economic struggles. The veteran rocker writes:

Mr. Obama can squawk all he wants and blame everyone from President George W. Bush to Tea Partiers to Fox News, but our anemic economy is the result of his willingness to allow Fedzilla to gorge mindlessly on more and more grotesque spending and borrowing and to sign more blubber-infested bills that no one has read or knows how to implement or what the impact will be on the economy.

The evidence is glaring. The business community does not trust Mr. Obama. It doesn’t trust his socialist economy-killing policies, his Wall Street reform sham that no one understands, his takeover of the health care system.

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On TV: My Chemical Romance, Ted Nugent, Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Rock acts on television this week include My Chemical Romance, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday; Dr. Dog, who perform on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Monday; The Good, The Bad and The Queen, who perform on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Tuesday; Evanescence, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Tuesday and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; Hellogoodbye, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Tuesday; Ted Nugent, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Tuesday; Finger Eleven, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Wednesday; the Shins, who perform on ‘Late Night’ on Wednesday; Grizzly Bear, who perform on ‘Last Call’ on Thursday; Augustana, who perform on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Thursday; Deerhoof, who perform on ‘Last Call’ on Friday; and Snow Patrol, who are musical guests on this weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The Good The Bad and The Queen

Ted Nugent: Call Him Chickenhawk

Dennis Jensen of the Rutland Herald is blasting Ted Nugent for the rocker’s outspoken support of President Bush and the war in Iraq. “The Nuge is also a big fan of the current war in Iraq,” Jensen writes. “In fact, the 57-year-old rocker also ‘told it like it is’ during the Vietnam War. Here’s Ted on what he would have done if he went to Vietnam: ‘… if I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed, or I’d kill all the hippies in the foxholes … I would have killed everybody,’ he told the Detroit Free Press in an interview published July 15, 1990. Fortunately, for our hero, Ted didn’t go to Vietnam. And how Ted managed to avoid the draft makes President Bush look like a war hero. In that 1990 interview with the Free Press and from information collected from the Chickenhawk Web site, Nugent told about how he avoided the draft: ‘He claims that 30 days before his Draft Board Physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and a week before his physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether, virtually living inside his pants caked with excrement and urine. That spectacle won Nugent a deferment.’ It says volumes about the character of a man who calls himself the Motor City Madman. The Detroit native went out of his way to avoid the defining experience of his generation, then has the gall to talk about how eagerly he would have killed, ‘if’ he had served.”

The story at timesargus.com has since been removed.

Ted Nugent On Peace, Love And Understanding

The Independent caught up with Ted Nugent for a Q&A and asked the conservative rocker for his thoughts on funny about peace, love and understanding. “You want to know how to get peace, love and understanding,” he asked. “Who doesn’t know this? The Ku-Klux-Klan? The Black Panthers? Child rapists? How do you get peace, love and understanding? First of all you have to find all the bad people. Then you kill them.”

The entire story at independent.co.uk has since been removed.

Ted Nugent Fumes Over Green Day Snub

ContactMusic.com reports that Ted Nugent was rejected by Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong when the Republican rocker offered to collaborate with the ‘American Idiot’ trio. “Their social ignorance, their historical vacuity and their knee-jerk condemnation of American things and the Bush administration is nothing short of embarrassing,” Nugent fumed. But that doesn’t mean he’s written off the punk rockers. “I bought all their CDs… I would be more than happy to talk to them,” Nugent said.

Ted Nugent Sticks To His Gun On VH1 Set

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that a pistol-packing Ted Nugent startled a VH1 film crew member, who told the ring-wing rocker to remove the holstered firearm from the ‘Supergroup’ active set, citing safety concerns. Nugent refused, and said assistant director has not been seen on the set since.

Ted Nugent: I’m Converting Anti-Gunners & Anti-Hunters

Digital Noise Network caught up with Ted Nugent for a Q&A and asked the gun-toting, animal hunting rocker if he found it ironic that many people who criticize him are holding a hamburger in their hand at the same time. “There’s less and less than that,” Nugent said of his critics. “That hypocrisy is waning. It’s reduced substantially. There’s only a few people that are retarded enough, and that is the word that I wanna use. You must be intellectually and spiritually retarded to condemn certain consumerism as you’re partaking in the exact, same consumerism (laughs). It’s just. It’s Ozzy-like. It’s just bizarre behavior. It brings me great joy to bring it to their attention. At least society’s attention. We’ve caused many anti-gunners to join the NRA. We’ve caused many anti-hunters to become hunting families. It’s beautiful. We’ve caused many vegetarians to upgrade the quality of their sustenance by understanding the perfection of flesh protein. So I am changing the denial cult. I’m chipping away at it. It brings me great joy.”