Superdrag ‘Aspartame’ Video

Superdrag are out with the video to their new single ‘Aspartame’, off the Knoxville, Tennessee alternative rock group’s fifht album ‘Industry Giants’, out now on Superdrag Sound Laboratories / Thirty Tigers. Watch the Aaron Baker directed video below.

Superdrag’s Davis Excited About New Album

Aaron Archer of Las Vegas Weekly spoke with Superdrag singer and chief songwriter John Davis about the group’s future and new full-length album, ‘Last Call for Vitriol.’ “Yeah, I’m definitely pleased with the situation. When we were able to take that last record, the first call we made was to them,” Davis explains. “We wanted to find someone who would put out the record, no questions asked.” has since removed the article.

A TRL Kind Of Band Didn’t Interest Superdrag

Jim Abbott of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with Superdrag singer-songwriter John Davis about the group’s 1996 radio hit ‘Sucked Out’ that became their one-hit wonder of sorts, largely because they didn’t want to bow to pressures from Elektra to recreate the sound of that single over and over. Davis said, “Taking that next step and being a TRL kind of band would have involved us making changes that we didn’t want to make. We were thrilled and had a lot of fun with it, but that wasn’t really something we had in mind.” has since removed the article.