Static-X Offers To Replace Rage/Cornell On Ozzfest reports Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen has offered his band’s services to this summer’s Ozzfest while taking a shot at Chris Cornell and his former band Soundgarden as well as Rage Against The Machine. Eisen said, “I was never a fan of either band. So [the breakup] is kind of irrelevant to me, but maybe it will leave a space on Ozzfest for us!”

Static-X Visit Last Call With Carson Daly

Static X were on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday to perform their hit ‘Cold’. Carson briefly talked to frontman Wayne Static about the two versions of the song and working with Jonathan Davis on the ‘Queen of the Damned’ sountrack. Read on for a transcript of Carson and Wayne’s chat.

Wayne Static Gives State Of Rock Music Address

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit spoke with Static-X frontman Wayne Static who gave his thoughts on the state of rock music today. Wayne said, “To me, it’s kind of getting into one of those periods — I think it’s at the end of this whole nu-metal [trend]. The stuff that’s on the radio right now is getting to be more and more watered-down versions of watered-down versions of other bands. It’s kind of reaching that point where, in the next couple years maybe, it’s going to get more stale and boring, and then some new scene will happen. But that’s the way music is. We were lucky enough to be riding the forefront of the whole nu-metal scene and hopefully we’ll still be relevant when the next big scene comes around in a few years.” has since removed the article.

Wayne Static Not As Tough As He Seems

Chart Attack talked to Wayne Static of Static-X where the singer revealed his intensity onstage is much different than off, “There’ll be these big metal dudes punching me in the arm, ‘Yo! Wassup, dude?’ and I’m like ‘Aaah! Don’t hurt me!’ But that’s what the music puts out.”