SR-71 Guitarist And Bassist Leave Group

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Katrillion reports only months after the release of SR-71’s sophomore album, ‘Tomorrow,’ the group have parted ways with co-founding members guitarist Mark Beauchemin and bass player Jeff Reid. According to a statement from the band, the split was “amicable.” Beauchemin and Reid will be Pat Dement and Mike Ruocco, respectively.

Mitch Allan Says SR-71 Isn’t A Punk Band

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Wayne Bledsoe of the Knoxville News-Sentinel spoke with SR-71 frontman Mitch Allan who says even thought the group was initially dubbed “punk” by some critics, they aren’t. “We’re not a punk band,” says Allen. “The way that term is thrown around is just ridiculous. There’s really no meaning behind that label.” has since removed the article.

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SR-71 Frontman And Sum 41’s Dave In War Of Words

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SR-71 frontman Mitch Allan is in a war of words with Sum 41’s Dave Brownsound on Brownsound had recalled an incident where Allan had bragged about how big they were in comparison to the Canadian group at the time. Allan didn’t recall the conversation as Dave described it, saying, “What I actually said was, ‘Who are you fags and would you please get your hand off my ass!'” Asked who the most overrated band was, Allan said, “Are you kidding me? Sum 41. They write songs for 6 year olds, and they can’t fight for sh**. plus they’re still bitching about an ass beating they got 2 years ago. What’s the Canadian word for pussies?”

Brownsound responded in a later e-mail to his thoughts on the interview saying, “There is only one response, it sucked. He tells a story about how his band beat the sh** out of us? I don’t remember anyone of them laying a hand on us. I remember them saying something about a hair appointment and taking off while their techs beat the sh** out of us.” Allan’s interview and Brownsound’s response at at have since been removed.

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SR-71 Returns With ‘Tomorrow’

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SR-71 frontman Mitch Allan tells that while recording ‘Tomorrow’, the group drew on the style of the band’s two best known songs, ‘Right Now’ and ‘Politically Incorrect.’ Allan said, “We have a couple (songs) on this album that sound like that, which is what we were writing when we were on the road. But as we came off the road something else started coming out of us. You just kind of write whatever you feel and we just kept writing and writing and writing and all of the sudden when, you know, we had enough distance we looked back and we were looking at this body of work and it just sounded so different from anything that we had done before. And it just goes to show you that, you know, growth happens, whether you want it to or not. Life keeps going.” ‘Tomorrow’ is out today.