Soulidium ‘Slowly We Die’ Live Video


Soulidium posted footage of their performance of ‘Slowly We Die’ at Thee Studio in Tampa, Florida. The American alternative metal act will be releasing a new music video for ‘Slowly We Die’ very soon as it is currently in production.

Footage at MySpace has since been removed.

News On Soulidium’s August 14th Fire Disaster

Michael McKnight of Soulidium

Soulidium frontman Michael McKnight checked in with fans on Saturday (August 18) with the following bulletin on their Myspace:

To all of our friends and family:

For several days not much has been heard from us. this is the first time we have had a chance to get in front of a computer. On the 14th of August, the home in which several members, along with our equipment trailer and 2 verhicles were consumed by a massive fire for which the cause is not yet known. While we all made it out alive, we are in the middle of struggling to gain back what we had. Our management is working hard to piece back our equipment, but everything we owned was destroyed in the fire. Luckily, AJ, Eric and Jake were spared as they moved out a week before the blaze, but most of their equipment was lost in the trailer. However, the balance of us in the band are in the process of rebuilding.

Soulidium WILL rebuild and we would like to thank those of you who have expressed your best wishes and concern and also to the hard work of the Springfield Fire Department who did their very best… We might not be able to get online as much as we would like but very shorlty, all should return to normal. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers but be assured,… WE WILL REBUILD AND WE WILL RETURN TO ROCK YOU ALL SOON… ALL SHOW DATES UP ARE STILL VALID. WE WILL BE THERE!!!… HORNS WAY UP!!!
-Michael McKnight

Soulidium Explain The Meaning Of The Band’s Symbol

Soulidium posted the following message to fans on a bulletin on their Myspace on Tuesday (August 7):

The meaning of the Soulidium Symbol For all of you asking!!!
Alot of people have written asking about the symbol and we just wrote a response.. putting here in a bulletin for those others of you that were asking:


Soulidium symbol


The symbol is 2 crossed “S’s” from the original logo of Soulidium. We just thought it looked cool as fu**.. like an alien symbol or something… and bam… just like that we trademarked it, put it up and switched from our old logo to that one. There is something powerful about the right symbol… like Slipknot’s or Him’s… It embodies what we are… what our music is… Since the time we created it, the symbol has become a thing close to us, tattooed on some of our bodies, on everything… it is becoming a cult like thing and you know what.. it feels fu**ing great… fans show up with it at shows.. we see it as graffiti on walls.. the message is spreading.. The symbol was meant to be born.. we didn’t know it when we did it, but there is something more behind it than just a symbol and it is revealing itself to us as time goes on.. since the time we created it, somehow it has given us something to shape ourselves around… cant explain it.. but it was meant to be.. hope this helps… HORNS WAY THE FU** UP!!! -M

Soulidium ‘Drama’ Video


Soulidium are out with the video to their new single ‘Drama’, from the album ‘Children Of Chaos’. Watch it via YouTube below the fold.