Something Corporate, Mannequin Singer Diagnosed With Leukemia

Something Corporate

Billboard reports that Andrew McMahon, lead singer of the pop/rock acts Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, has been diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. Treatment of his condition, from which his doctors believe he will fully recover, according to a statement, necessitates the cancellation of the upcoming tour plans for both bands.

Older & Wiser Something Corporate Returns With ‘North’

Something Corporate

Brendan Manley of the Long Island Press spoke with Something Corporate vocalist/piano player Andrew McMahon about their latest effort ‘North’. “Overall I feel this record has kind of a heavy mood to it,” explained McMahon. “Spending so much time away conjured up a lot of things within myself and Josh [Partington, guitar], who wrote four of the songs on the record [‘Space,’ ‘Only Ashes,’ ‘I Won’t Make You’ and ‘The Runaway’]. We both had such a long exposure to this feeling of being somehow isolated, and away from a lot of the things that were important to us—our family, and our friends, and girlfriends… I think a lot of it was just dealing with that.”

Top Something Corporate Search Queries

Searches for the group Something Corporate were fairly high for the month of July on pay-per search engine The group got 18,198 searches while their most searched for tune was ‘Konstantine’. Topping group members searches was Clutch, but given his generic name, he likely isn’t the most popular member. Frontman Andrew McMahon had the most searches for a member with a ‘real’ name.

Warped Tour Makes Something Corporate Feel Real

MTV News caught up with the guys from Something Corporate who are touring in support of the 2002 Vans Warped Tour. Speaking from the tour stop in Brighton, Colorado, guitarist Josh Partington said, “Being a part of this tour just makes us feel like what we’re doing is for real. We go up onstage, play for 30 minutes, then hang out with all these new people who’ve never heard our music before but tell us they love it. We get to be in the presence of all of these amazing musicians that we’ve admired forever. It’s just the greatest experience for us.” Read more.

Andrew McMahon Addresses ‘If You C Jordan’

Chart Attack recently talked with the guys from Something Corporate and asked Andrew McMahon about his high school bully inspired song ‘If You C Jordan’, and whether they were worried Jordan might sue the group. The songwriting frontman replied, “They say that the biggest defense to a defamation suit is truth and the story is true. It all came down to that the whole story is real. People take it a lot more vengefully than it was supposed to be. I wrote it and I was pissed of to the extent that we actually played it because we wanted an energetic song in the set. It was never intended to be a slam on the kid as much as it seems like it is, we were just fu**ing around.” has since removed the article.

They Were Something Corporate Before They Were

Andrew McMahon, pianist and singer for the Orange County based Something Corporate tells Chart Attack why they chose their name and what effect it has had since being signed by MCA Records. “We played as a band under the name for three years before there was any sort of corporate ties,” he said. “Some people thought it would be a good idea to change our name. That almost seemed like the most corporate thing we could do was to change our name because we were now part of a [major label], because we didn’t want to seem corporate.” has since removed the article.

If Billy Joel Does It, Something Corporate’s McMahon Can

Paul Rogers of Las Vegas Weekly chatted with Something Corporate’s piano-playing singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon on whether his being a piano player hurts his ability to lead the group. “When we first started playing as a band it was a scary thought,” he said. “But our music kind of helps things along, ’cause not every song has piano all over it. Billy Joel did it so well–he just treated the piano like any other instrument, and that’s how we approach it–as a utility instrument to be used as needed, like a guitar or anything else.” has since removed the article.