Soil’s Glass Comments On Piggy’s Death

Soil guitarist/former Broken Hope bassist Shaun Glass has issued the following statement regarding the passing of Voivod guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour: “The news I was told today made my stomach go in knots. The metal community has lost another amazing player. Piggy to me was a man that could make a guitar sound like NO ONE ever has.”

Soil ‘Redefine’ Video

Soil is out with the video to their new album 'Redefine'. Watch the title track below.

New Soil Track Posted

A one-minute snippet of the track 'Pride' from the forthcoming Soil album, "Redefine", has been posted online in MP3 format. The song will be featured in the upcoming Madden NFL 2004 video game via EA Trax, a partnership between various music labels and Electronic Arts that allows popular bands to showcase new tunes in upcoming video games, such as Madden NFL 2004, SSX3, and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. Download and listen to the clip here.

Soil’s Shaun Glass Has Dire Prediction For Limp Bizkit caught up with Soil guitarist Shaun Glass who predicted, "I think Limp Bizkit is really gonna tank and Wes was genius to bail at the end of a trend." As for which rocker deserves a smack in the mouth? "Dave Mustaine, he is such a ass," Glass said. "Retire for what? Jesus or your wife?" Read more.

Soil Bassist Tim King Explains Worst Interview

Jeff Kerby of spoke with Soil bassist Tim King and asked him what his worst interview experience he's ever had. King said, "The guy who was interviewing me started out going, “What's it like being in a rock band now that rock's dead and nobody is listening to rock music?” I said, “What are you talking about? Rock's coming back bigger than ever right now, if anything, now is the best time to be in a rock band.” He's like, “Really? Why do you say that?” Shawn's kinda listening, and he's like, “What's this guy saying?” I kinda put my hand over the receiver and told him, “He's saying that rock is dead.” Shawn goes, “Hang up on him.” You know, I didn't end up hanging up on him, but I basically had to school him through Rock 101 of the year 2001. He knew nothing about our band. He knew nothing about rock. He didn't even know who Staind, Drowning Pool or Disturbed were." Read the entire transcript here.

Soil On Streaming Video has a streaming video look at Soil with three different clips. Included are performances at the Saphire Club in Orland and WJRR's Earth Day, mostly interviews with fans. Soil is the first heavy metal act ever signed by Clive Davis, who's now running his own label, J Records. Video at has since been removed.