Brownstein Says Kim Gordon Was Her Inspiration

Charles R. Cross of Rolling Stone magazine chatted with Sleater-Kinney for their Women in Rock issue. When asked if there were female musicians who were particularly influential on her, Carrie Brownstein responded, “Absolutely Kim Gordon. I saw Sonic Youth live when I was a teenager, and it inspired me so much. She is such an equal in that band, and her gender is not the only thing. She is not some mini-skirted lead singer.” has since removed the article.

Seeing Sleater-Kinney Live Is Essential

While proud of their albums, Sleater-Kinney guitarist and vocalist Carrie Brownstein said that seeing the band live is essential to understanding the group. “There’s a congruency in our live performance in terms of seeing a common thread between older songs and newer songs,” she said, “and seeing the way the band works with one another, the synergy and the chemistry that exists between the three people. It’s the best representation of who we are and what the music is about.” has since removed the article.

Sleater-Kinney Role Models Of Womanhood

James Sullivan of the San Francisco Chronicle was at the Sleater-Kinney’s show Monday at the Great American Music Hall and had good things to say about the punk rock girl band. Sullivan says, “To their fans, men and women alike, Sleater-Kinney are role models of womanhood in an art form that hasn’t done very well by women over the years.” Read more.