Slayer In A Class Of Their Own With Power & Vigor

Shiley Carter of The Daily Cougar reviewed the Slayer show from last week at Verizon Wireless Theater and while Carter was “little disappointed that no mention or thanks was ever given to Lombardo for filling in on the tour until the search for a new drummer ceases, the power and vigor employed in this Slayer concert made it an experience truly in a class of its own.” Fans will remember when Dave Lombardo left the group 10 years ago, Kerry King had said he would never play with Lombardo again, even if he was the last drummer on earth. has since removed the article.

Slayer’s King Explains Beastie Boys & Ice T Collaborations

David L. Wilson of spoke with Slayer guitarist Kerry King about the band’s collaborations with the Beastie Boys way back when and Ice T. King said, “The funny thing about the Ice T thing is that it sounds like a Slayer song. It is the only song on that whole album that does and I think that is what makes it stand out, that is what makes it cool. The Beastie Boys thing, that was such a whim thing to do. We were in the studio at the same time and I didn’t even know any of them. They were on Def Jam and they needed a lead and I went, ‘Okay!’ and went down there and did it and that was it.”

Limp Bizkit Tryouts More Carnival Atmosphere Than Slayer’s

Matt Weitz of the Dallas Morning News profiled the two bands currently holding tryouts for new members, Slayer and Limp Bizkit. Weitz said, “For Limp Bizkit, it was much more of a carnival atmosphere [than Slayer’s]. Free food, live radio broadcasts and a chance to meet like- minded folk reigned supreme as hundreds of people – including 250 potential Bizkits – gathered.” has since removed the article.

Slayer Paved The Way For Nu-Metal

Steve Appleford of the Philadelphia Inquirer talked to Slayer as well as System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian who said of the band,
“I was always searching for something bigger, faster and better, and Slayer came up with that. I wouldn’t be playing this kind of music for a living if it wasn’t for Slayer.” Even Slayer’s current drummer Paul Bostaph who joined the band in 1992 was awed when he first heard the band, “I remember hearing it, and it laid waste to everything we thought was heavy. I was blown away. . . . It was how original it was, how dark it was, the heaviness of the riffs, the power of the drumming.” has since removed the article.