Slayer And Friends Perform In Cardiff

Children of Bodum, In Flames, Lamb of God, and Slayer performed in concert at the Cardiff International Arena on October 30th in Cardiff, Wales. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from YouTube. Check out pictures from WireImage (Slayer / others).

Jack Laidlaw’s Favorite Metal Band – Slayer

The Motorettes vocalist/bassist Jack Laidlaw spoke with in a Q&A, where he was asked about his favorite metal band. “It would have to be Slayer,” he responded. “I’ve been to see them, like, four times in the last couple of years.” Asked if the veteran rockers shoudl think about giving it up and growing old gracefully. Laidlaw responded, “[Laughs] Do you think? Well, I think they’re entitled to. I mean, I know I would be. If I was in Slayer I know I’d still be doing it. What else are you going to do? It’s not like you can just give it up and open up a shop or something like that. You’re in Slayer! You need to keep going as long as you can. And they’re still bloody brilliant live.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Slayer Bassist Expecting ‘Jihad’ Backlash

One of the big tracks on Slayer’s new album ‘Christ Illusion’, entitled ‘Jihad’, is written from a perspective of a 9/11 terrorist. Asked in an interview with The Sun if this has caused any problems, bassist Tom Araya responded, “The record has just come out in the States so we haven’t had to deal with it much. But I know it’s coming.”

Slayer’s King: I’m Still 17

Alan Sculley of Cincinnati CityBeat spoke with Slayer guitarist Kerry King about how the perception is musical tastes are supposed to mellow with age. “There’s like an unwritten rule, especially in America, to where you reach a certain age and you can’t like Metal anymore,” King explained. “You’re supposed to grow up. You’re supposed to wear your fu**ing khakis and a shirt with a collar. But you can’t listen to Metal. You’ve got to listen to fu**ing Barry Manilow or whatever the hell it is. I’m still 17. That’s probably why our music kicks so much ass, because we’re still kids. You don’t have to grow up.”

The full story at has since been removed.

New Studio Footage From Slayer


Contributed Anonymously:

Slayer has just released footage of them in the studio recording their as-yet-untitled new album, due out July 25th:

Note: The footage has since been removed.

Slayer’s new Limited Edition Hot Topic EP, ‘Eternal Pyre’, will be available on 6/6/06. The EP contains the new single ‘Cult’, a live performance of “War Ensemble” and in-studio footage of the making of the new album. ‘Cult’ will also be available on iTunes on 6/6/06. The track can be previewed on beginning today at 6:06am PST.