Things Get Different For Silverchair Outside Australia

Morgan Spearwood of Living Aboad Magazine reports one constant for Silverchair has always been how different everything is for the band once they leave Australia and, to complicate matters further, it differs vastly from territory to territory. “It’s quite different, because in Europe we’re perceived as a metal band, whereas in Australia and the US we’re looked upon as more of an alternative guitar band or something,” frontman Daniel Johns explained. “So the crowds in Europe tend to be dominated by males and skinheads with Sepultura shirts all that kind of stuff. So we really enjoy playing over there because it’s so laughably extreme. As for the press, I’ve no idea what’s said about us there, because I can’t read German or any of those languages. In the UK, they tend to bullsh** a lot in the press. There’s Kerrang and they’re pretty cool, but there’s plenty of people there who like to misquote you on purpose to make you seem sillier. It’s not all bad, they just change words around to suit them.”

Silverchair Back On Its Feet

Silverchair singer-songwriter-guitarist Daniel Johns spoke with Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun about his battle with reactive arthritis. “It was really a devastating period of time when we just released the record and had to cancel all these shows,” Johns said of the period after the release of Silverchair’s latest album, ‘Diorama’. “All the shows that were announced were sold out and people were really vibing on the music. It was a really adrenalized, exciting time for everyone. Then I got really sick and had to cancel all of that, and the record lost momentum. It was pretty devastating. But I got treatment and I’m feeling 90% healthy now so it’s good.” has since removed the article.

Silverchair Brings Bigger Sound To Smaller Stage

David Fricke of reviewed Silverchair’s concert at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on Monday. Fricke says, “It was an older, bolder Silverchair — with a changed and challenged Johns — that turned up at the Bowery. … And although the twin keyboards recreating the strings and things on ‘Across the Night’ and ‘Luv Your Life’ from ‘Diorama’ sometimes pressed [singer/guitarist Daniel] Johns’ voice to the back of the sound mix, the band’s emphasis on recent material and the sturdy supportive muscle of [drummer Ben] Gillies and [bassist Chris] Joannou made a strong case for the evolving quality and ambition in Johns’ songwriting.”

Silverchair’s New York Gig A Triumph Of Determination

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Silverchair’s concert at the Bowery Ballroom Monday, impressed with the comeback frontman Daniel Johns has made from his crippling reactive arthritis. Aquilante said, “When Johns took the stage at the Bowery Ballroom Monday, looking thin but healthy and able to easily perform a solid two-hour gig, the evening seemed a triumph of determination and musicality.” He added, “Vocally, Johns’ upper register fits nicely with the ballads, but it was when he got gritty and raw, matching tempo with [Ben] Gillies’ blur drumming that the singer really hit his stride.” The full review at has since been removed.

Daniel Johns Plans To Quit Silverchair After Marriage

The Mirror reports Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns plans to quit rock music to become a film score writer after he and Natalie Imbruglia are married in December. The decision is fuelling rumors he and Natalie plan to start a family.

Daniel Johns & Natalie Imbruglia To Marry In December

The Sun reports Natalie Imbruglia and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns will wed on December 15th in his home town of Newcastle, north of Sydney. The wedding will reportedly be a low-key family affair with the pair planning to set up home on the east coast of Australia.

Daniel Johns Gets Spiritual

WENN reports Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has found God. He now says he has one purpose in life – to write music, and he credits the Holy Spirit for handing him this vacation. “I feel like I’m connected to God in some way,” he said. “I wake up in the morning and it feels like someone has Fed-Ex-ed me a delivery of melodies and harmonies and I write them. It feels like my job on earth is to write music.”

Daniel Johns And Natalie Imbruglia Engaged

AAP reports Australian music’s most famous couple, singer Natalie Imbruglia and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, have announced their engagement. Johns’ record company EMI yesterday announced the pair had become engaged shortly before Christmas. Read more.