Silverchair Announce Band’s “Indefinite Hibernation”


Silverchair checked in with fans on their Facebook on Wednesday (May 25) to announce they are putting the Australian band into “indefinite hibernation”. Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies write:

We formed Silverchair nearly 20 years ago when we were just 12 years old. Today we stand by the same rules now as we did back then … if the band stops being fun and if it’s no longer fulfilling creatively, then we need to stop.

Therefore after much soul searching we wanted to let you know that we’re putting Silverchair into “indefinite hibernation” and we’ve decided to each do our own thing for the foreseeable future.

We assure you that this decision has not been taken lightly. In fact we’ve been struggling with it for quite a while now.

Back in 2009 we went into the studio to start work on a record. Initially things were going well and as a result we did some shows in 2010 to maintain creative momentum. However, over the months that followed in the studio it became clear to us that we were moving in different directions. Despite our best efforts over the last year or so, it’s become increasingly clear that the spark simply isn’t there between the three of us at the moment.

As a result we’ve decided to put the band into ‘a deep sleep’ while we all do other things that we find more inspiring right now. This means that Silverchair won’t be making music together or playing shows any time soon. It also means that the three of us won’t be working together unless and until it feels right again.

Check out the entire message here.

The Almost’s Redmon Issues Open Letter To Silverchair

The Almost

Dusty Redmon of The Almost posted the following open letter to Silverchair on Monday (July 30) at their blog at Myspace:

Dear Silverchair,

Hi. My name is Dusty and I play guitar for a band called The Almost. I was lucky enough to see you play last night in Philadelphia.

Your show was fantastic. The set was great. The sound was awesome. The between-song crowd interaction was humorous. I’ve been a fan for a really long time, and finally getting to see you last night was the culmination of years of anticipation.

Your flawless and exciting show puts a lot of pressure on me. You challenged me with your awesomeness. I now must put 500 percent into every show I ever play for the rest of my life.

Daniel Johns you are an attractive man. I feel that is ok for me to say that as I hear it every day from my wife.. kidding. Well, sort of.

Please take my band on tour all over the world. I’d love it. So would my wife. See previous comment for affirmation and reasoning.

Thank you for making me want to quit playing music (but in a good way).

Dusty Redmon
The Almost

Silverchair’s Daniel Johns Talks With caught up with Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns during his promo trip to Canada. Daniel talked about his battle with arthritis, the success of ‘Young Modern’ in Australia, and favorite moments recording the album. YouTube has since removed the video.

On TV: Interpol, Silverchair, Lifehouse

Rock acts on television this week include Smashing Pumpkins, who perform on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Monday and Friday; The Decemberists, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday; Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down, who visits ‘The Sauce’ on Tuesday; Interpol, who perform on ‘The Late Show’ on Tuesday; Silverchair, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Tuesday and ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Thursday; Against Me!, who perform on ‘Late Night’ on Tuesday; Spoon, who perform on ‘The Late Show’ on Wednesday; Art Brut, who perform on ‘Late Night’ on Wednesday; Lifehouse, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Wednesday; Test Your Reflex, who perform on ‘Last Call’ on Thursday; Velvet Revolver, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Thursday; Dr. Dog, who perform on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Friday; They Might Be Giants, who perform on ‘Late Night’ on Friday; and Black Light Burns, who perform on ‘Last Call’ on Friday.

Silverchair Talk With Kylie And Jackie O

Silverchair talked with Austereo’s Kyle and Jackie O. on Wednesday (June 27) about Daniel Johns and his wife Natalie Imbruglia dealing with the paparazzi, partying, and their latest tour with Powderfinger that was 10 years in the making. Listen to the interview here.

Update From Silverchair Bassist

Silverchair bassist Chris Joannou sent out the following message to fans on the band’s blog at Myspace on Thursday (June 21):

Hi all, Chris here!

Over the last week we have been in the studio finishing off some b sides for the next singles. They were from some sessions that we did a couple of months ago in Sydney with Scott Horscroft who also worked with us on Young Modern. There are three songs that we have recorded, so keep an ear out for them!

I’m actually sitting on a plane heading home from New Zealand at the moment. We have just spent a few days in Auckland doing lots of promo. We didn’t play any gigs unfortunately, but the great news is we are taking the ‘Across The Great Divide’ to New Zealand. Stay tuned for the announcement of dates on June 28.

Thanks to all the folks we met over the last few days, Auckland was the time of our lives – see the attached pic for me and my new imaginary friend!

See ya all soon,