Sick Of It All Premiere ‘Built To Last’

Sick Of It All

In celebration of their 25 year anniversary, Sick of it All will be releasing ‘Nonstop’, an album of re-recorded classics. The album will be available on November 1st, and the band has premiered ‘Built To Last’, the first song available off the 20 song disc.

“We had a great time re-recording some of our favorite classics. Done the old school way, 20 songs recorded and mixed in 4 days,” vocalist Lou Koller remarked. “What better way to kick it off than with the new, rawer, heavier version of ‘Built To Last’? Hope you like it. Let the trash talking begin!”

The song ‘Built To Last’ can be heard via Soundcloud below.

Sick Of It All ‘Nonstop’ Compilation Album Out November 1st

Sick Of It All 'Nonstop' album cover

Sick Of It All have announced their new album ‘Nonstop’, a compilation of re-recorded classics, will get a release on November 1st via Century Media Records. The compilation will celebrate the New York band’s 25th anniversary and was put together with help from Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. Drummer Armand Majidi commended the Danish producer, who also worked with them on ‘Death To Tyrants’ and ‘Based On A True Story’: “This whole thing is happening partially because of working with Tue Madsen – the man who has finally made SICK OF IT ALL sound the way we should in the studio.”

The band further comments on the ‘Nonstop’ project: “It was a fun recording session, and a relatively easy one because we’re so used to playing so many of these songs live. They’re like second nature. Most of these songs make their way into our live sets all the time, so they’re current – they reach new ears and are constantly refreshed by their exposure to a brand new audience. It’s not like they had to be dusted off. We changed tempos mostly and some of the arrangements, but we didn’t want to do anything too drastic. We wanted to keep most of the songs true to the originals, but with a more powerful sound that we feel makes them all they can be.”

‘Nonstop’ Track List:
1. Clobberin’ Time
2. Injustice System!
3. Sanctuary
4. Scratch The Surface
5. Us Vs. Them
6. The Deal
7. Just Look Around
8. Ratpack
9. World Full Of Hate
10. Pushed Too Far
11. GI Joe Headstomp
12. Never Measure Up
13. Chip Away
14. Busted
15. Locomotive
16. My Life
17. Friends Like You
18. Relentless
19. No Labels
20. Built To Last

Sick Of It All ‘Death Or Jail’ Video

Sick of It All are out with the music video to their new single ‘Death Or Jail’, off the Queens, New York hardcore punk band’s ninth studio album ‘Based on a True Story’, out now on Century Media Records. Watch it via Vevo below.

Sick Of It All ‘Based On A True Story’ EPK

Sick of it All are out with an electronic press kid for their new album ‘Based On A True Story’, featuring music from the Queens, New York punk rocker’s ninth studio album, out April 20th on Century Media. Also on the EPK is an interview with drummer Armand Majidi and vocalist Lou Koller, who talked about the story behind the album title, trying to get music they like on prior albums and make it better for their new ones, teaming with producer Tue Madsen on the project, and some of their favorite songs on the CD. Watch it via YouTube below.