Scorpions ‘Holiday’ Live Video

Scorpions 'Holiday' live music video

Scorpions are out with the live performance video for ‘Holiday’, which was recorded during the German rock band’s stripped-down concerts that became their forthcoming CD/DVD and Blu-Ray release, ‘MTV Unplugged’, but does not appear on any configuration of the releases. ‘MTV Unplugged’ is due out in North America on January 21st and features new acoustic versions of their best-loved classic hits, as well as five brand new songs. ‘MTV Unplugged’ will be available in North America as a deluxe CD + DVD package and as a Blu-Ray, and is being released in 50 countries. Watch it below the cut. (more…)

James Kottak Remotely Adds Drums To Scorpions Cover Album ‘Comeblack’

James Kottak and his Scorpions bandmates in 'Sting In The Tail'

Drummer James Kottak talked with about about the Scorpions European tour, doing meet and greets with fans, what equipment they’ve been playing, recording the ‘Comeblack’ album and more.

“We wanted to go back and play tribute to where Scorpions got their roots,” Kottak explained. “Bands like the Kinks and the Rolling Stones, and we went back and did a few songs, and we’re very proud of the album. It’s great. I’m super proud of it. Most of it was done at Rudolf [Schenker’s] studio in Hannover. He sent the tracks to me up in Portland, Oregon, where I work in a studio up their with a guy named Kevin Hahn. Then just sent the track and I added my drums. It was awesome.”

Asked if the recording process has gotten easier, he said, “I wouldn’t say easier. It’s still the same process. You have a track. You go in. You work on it. The thing is you don’t have to be in the same country or the same hemisphere. I did all the drums in Portland, Oregon because I have a house with my girlfriend Stephanie up there. They sent the tracks over and I put the drums on it. It took me about five days and I just went in and added the drums to all the music. It was really awesome. Times are changing.”

Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

Scorpions Farewell Tour Will Include Stop In India

Scorpions 'Sting In The Tail'

Scorpions founding member Rudolf Schenker tells Hindustan Times that the band’s final tour will include a stop in India sometime in 2012. “I have a personal connection with India and its philosophy and I love the country. We wanted to come this year itself, but the promoters didn’t want it so close to the Metallica concert,” Rudolf said. “So it’s been pushed to next year, but I can’t wait to get there! We have played in Mumbai, Bangalore and Shillong in the past and it was fantastic.”

Scorpions ‘Comeblack’ Video

Scorpions 'Sting In The Tail'

Scorpions are out with a video for their new album ‘Comeblack’, composed half of the German heavy metal band’s own classics’ re-recorded versions and half cover versions of 60s and early 70s popular rock songs. Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda write:

Dear Fans,

The incredible success of our farewell tour is the high octane fuel driving the upcoming “Final Sting Tour” 2012, which takes us around the globe (Europe / USA / Canada / Latin America / Asia). Thanks for all the emotional moments.

We’re currently surfing on a wave of euphoria triggered by your enthusiasm at every concert, wherever we play.

Our label, Sony Music, supports this tour with different projects and so there is not only “Scorpions Live in 3D” which appeared at Media Markt, but also “Comeblack” a new CD with some of our Classics with the sound of the 21st century and songs from legendary bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that have inspired us.

Rock on… Your Scorpions

Watch the ‘Comeblack’ video via YouTube below.

Klaus Meine Discusses DVD, Album & Metallica Tour Rumors

Scorpions 'Humanity'

Klaus Meine of Scorpions sat down with the webmaster of their official web site, Wolfgang Strauß, for an interview in Cologne, Germany on January 10th. Klaus talked about what fans can expect on their next DVD, what the status is of recording a new album – details of which he didn’t want to give away yet, rumors of a co-headlining tour with Metallica. “Most of you saw this on the Scorpions website,” Klaus said. “This kind of information somebody spread this kind of information. This is where I saw it as well. I think it’s just a rumor… I’m sure there might be ideas they say it would be cool to have the Scorps with us. No doubt we’d join them of course. No question about it because it’s an amazing band. But I think so far it’s just a rumor.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

Scorpions Try Sending Positive Energy With Their Songs

Scorpions 'Humanity'

Scorpions singer Klaus Meine spoke with the Hartford Advocate about how music has the power to move people to peace. “We know what impact music has, especially on a young generation, and we see, in all the places we go to, especially when you play concerts in the Middle East, like in Israel, or even in Cairo in front of the pyramids, you see how much music is connecting people,” Meine explained. “And this is what we try to do with our songs — connect people and try to add something out there sending positive energy and bring[ing] the world to a better balance in the sense that hopefully we can all live together in a more peaceful world … We saw the impact of music when we played in Russia in ’88, ’89 in the old Soviet Union, surrounded by KGB agents, and we saw the world changing right in front of our eyes, and we saw the Cold War end. Rock music definitely had a huge impact on the young generation in the Soviet Union back then — the world was changing. So we are always very optimistic that music has a very connecting, a very healing kind of effect.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Scorpions ‘Humanity’ Video

Scorpions 'Humanity'

Scorpions are out with the video to their new single ‘Humanity’, from the band’s concept album ‘Humanity – Hour 1’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Arrow Rock Festival 2007

INXS, Scorpions, and Europe performed during the Arrow Rock Festival 2007 on Saturday (July 30) in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from YouTube.