Jared Weeks’ National Anthem “Made Ears Bleed”

Jared Weeks of Saving Abel

Saving Abel caught a lot of heat for the singing of the National Anthem at last Sunday’s Carfax 400 in Michigan. Check out Jared Weeks’ rendition at YouTube. Greg Biffle, driver of the #16 3M Ford Fusion, reportedly said after the race:

I think I speak for everyone, when I say that Saving Abel’s rendition of the National Anthem was downright awful. It was so bad, it made ears bleed, which I’m sure brought back painful memories for boxing legend and race grand marshal Evander Holyfield.

‘Miss America’ Hype Has Been Inspiring For Saving Abel

Saving Abel

Eric Taylor of Saving Abel did a quick Q&A with kikaxemusic.com, where the bassist was asked about the pressure the band felt trying to follow-up their self-titled debut album. “When you have an album that had a lot of success, like our first one, there IS a lot of pressure on you when you get ready to release your next album. We all feel that ‘Miss America’ is a strong album and everyone seems to be receptive to it. The hype on ‘Miss America’ has been inspiring. It’s pretty cool to see your name everywhere! I don’t think our fans will be disappointed.”

No Time For Saving Abel To Think About Sophomore Slump

Saving Abel

Saving Abel frontman Jared Weeks tells Alternative Addiction as the band prepare to release their second album ‘Miss America’ on Tuesday (June 8), they aren’t feeling too concerned with the sophomore slump so common in the industry. “We’re constantly on the road so we didn’t really have that much time to think about it to be honest,” Weeks explained. “When it came to writing we didn’t force it because that’s not what this band is about. [When you force it,] then you end up writing songs for the wrong reasons or from a dishonest place.” Check out the entire interview here.

Saving Abel Walmart Soundcheck Performance

Saving Abel on Walmart Soundcheck

Saving Abel did a live set for Walmart Soundcheck, where the Corinth, Mississippi rock band performed ‘Miss America’, ’18 Days’, ‘Drowning (Face Down)’, ‘Addicted’, ‘Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)’ and ‘Contagious’. During the interview, Jared Weeks and company explained the story behind the new album being titled ‘Miss America’, how a visit to the Grammys in Los Angeles earlier this year inspired ‘Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)’, how the band started out, the writing process having everyone involved, what prompted them to cover Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain?’, and more. Watch a preview iva YouTube below and the full set and interview at soundcheck.walmart.com. Check out pictures from the appearance below the cut.


Producer Skidd Mills Key To Saving Abel’s Accessible Sound

Saving Abel

Zoiks! Online spoke with Jared Weeks in a Q&A, asking the Savin Abel frontman about where the band’s easily accessible sound comes from. “Our producer has a knack for making our songs work sonically,” Weeks said, referring to Skidd Mills. “We all write, but sometimes he has to reel us back in a little. Songwriting is very important…. and I think we’ve got that part covered! Production, engineering and mixing are entirely different entities. We leave that part to Skidd Mills and I can’t say enough about how integral a part of the team that he is.”

Check out the entire interview at zoiksonline.com.

Saving Abel’s Jason Null Discuss Inspiration Behind ‘Miss America’

Saving Abel

Saving Abel guitarist Jason Null spoke with GoErie.com about the band’s new album ‘Miss America’ and its title track, a song about a beleaguered soldier writing a letter home. “We recently got back from a USO tour overseas; we did Kuwait and several bases in Iraq,” Null told Dave Richards. “The record was almost done, but we had a few loose ends to tie up. After being over there, we came back to the States, and we had this song ‘Miss America’ sitting there. We finished it up. It seemed like the right thing to do. It’s got a good message from a soldier’s point of view. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.” Read more.

Saving Abel ‘Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)’ Video

Saving Abel are out with the video to their new single ‘Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)’, off the Corinth, Mississippi rock group’s second studio album ‘Miss America’, out June 8th via Virgin Records. The song was inspired by a quote from Marilyn Monroe, in which she stated, “A wise girl always kisses before she’s kissed, leaves before she’s left and forgets before she’s forgotten.” Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

Saving Abel ‘Drowning (Face Down)’ Video

Saving Abel

Saving Abel are out with the video to their new single ‘Drowning (Face Down)’, off the Corinth, Mississippi rock group’s self-titled debut album, out now on Virgin Records. Watch the Shaun Silva directed video below.

Saving Abel Challenge Hinder To Bare Knuckle Brawl

Saving Abel

Saving Abel talks with ‘The Wai-In’ about their beef with Hinder and issued an open challenge for a bare knuckle brawl. The band also shed light on guitarist Jason Null’s backstage antics. “What gets me is like two days before we run into them they’re like, uh, doggin’ us on TV or whatever,” drummer Blake Dixon explained in regards to Hinder claiming Saving Abel was copying their party rock style. “Then the next day we see ’em, which was convenient. ‘C’mon guys, let’s have some shots. Let’s buddy up.'” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Scott Bartlett And Eric Taylor Share Stories From The Road

Saving Abel

andPOP interviewed Scott Bartlett and Eric Taylor of Saving Abel while the band was in Toronto on tour with Nickelback. The band talked about the state of rock n’ roll, making the ‘Addicted’ music video – which also featured an adult version, and some stories from the road. Watch the interview via YouTube below.