Saves The Day’s Imaginary Emo

While Saves The Day vocalist/guitarist Christopher Conley may write and belt out emotional lyrics, he admitted to Chart magazine the songs aren’t about him at all. “I make up most of the words,” Conley admitted. “The only factual things in the song lyrics are the emotions and they’re behind the veil of the words. So the words are totally imagined. It’s not like I’m talking about my own life. I’m not telling people, ‘Oh, this happened when I was 19’, or whatever. I’m just getting feelings off my chest – that’s all.”

On TV: Saves The Day, Fuel, The Rapture

Rock acts on television this week include Saves the Day, who performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday; Fuel, who performs on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Tuesday; Something Corporate, who perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday; and the Rapture, who perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

Updates On Durst, Weezer Vs. Saves The Day posted a gossip update on Friday. Amongst the nuggets of news: Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst will do an MTV reality show focusing on the recording of their new album, Saves The Day has “beef” with Weezer, info on the Hot Snakes tour, Thrice finally signed to Island Records, and they flipped more sh** at Moby.

Saves The Day Shocked At Success

New York Newsday’s Glenn Gamboa talked to Saves The Day singer Chris Conley about the band’s breakthru success which he’s been overwhelmed by. Conley admits, “It’s been amazingly exciting. It’s been life-altering in a way, and we knew it at our first show after the album came out. I walked on stage and there was this huge, overwhelming noise released from the audience. That was a little shocking. Then people started throwing their hands in the air trying to reach out and touch my hand. It’s one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever had to deal with.”