Ryan Star ‘Breathe’ Acoustic Performance

Ryan Star performed an acoustic version of his new single ‘Breathe’ and talked about his music leading up to the song. “Even my own music, my own songs, I’ll listen to something I wrote a few years back, and it means something new to me now,” the former ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ contestant said. “It’s like when you’re growing up and your teacher tells you to read ‘Animal Farm’, when you’re older, all of the sudden it means something different.”

Ryan Star ‘Right Now’ Video

Ryan Star is out with the video to his new single ‘Right Now’, off the ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ contestant’s second album ’11:59′, out soon on Atlantic Records. Watch it below.

Ryan Star ‘We Might Fall’ Video

‘Rock Star Supernova’ contestant Ryan Star is out with the animated video to his new single ‘ We Might Fall’, from the singer’s debut album ‘Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant’. Watch it below.

Ryan Star Visits The Mikey Show

Ryan Star from ‘Rock Star Supernova’ came into The Mikey Show studio on Friday (October 13) on Rock 105.3 in San Diego. He discussed living with all the other different personalities in the house, his controversial departure, relating to Jason Newsted the most of the group, having an advantage by not winning the show, how Lukas Rossi told him the other day he was “hangin and bangin” but not doing any performing while on tour with Motley Crue, the Storm Large “I’m a guy” poser act, and more. Star also performed his new single ‘Somebody’s Son’.

The 2-part interview and performance audio at MikeyShow.com has since been removed.

Ryan Star Visits Dave Navarro’s Spread Radio Live

Ousted ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ contestant Ryan Star was on Dave Navarro’s internet radio show Spread Radio Live last night. Star talked about the booing that happened after Supernova gave him the boot and his thoughts about the decision, turning down the show at first, doing press, if there were any sexual relations in the house, Dilana’s meltdown, and who he thinks will win the frontman role. Audio at rapidshare.de has since been removed.

Supernova Eliminates Ryan Star, Controversy Erupts

‘Rock Star: Supernova’ suffered a controversial elimination last night after Ryan Star was sent packing. Fans were outraged at the move and the problems that plagued the show’s online voting system at Rockstar.MSN.com. Before the results show even aired, show co-host Dave Navarro posted, “I have nothing to do with MSN!!! Don’t know what to tell ya! I’ll know more when I get to work tomorrow about the voting fiasco.” In a follow-up post, The Panic Channel guitarist addressed the controversy for a second time, writing, “As for the voting issue. This is MY site. It is not an offshoot of MSN. You got a problem with voting? Take it there. Write to them. I host this, pay for it and update it myself. As I said before…I don’t know what the problem is.”