On TV: Ryan Adams, Sleater-Kinney, Flaming Lips

Rock acts on talk television this week include Ryan Adams on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then Rocket from the Crypt performs on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. On Wednesday, look for Sleater-Kinney on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. On Thursday, the Foo Fighters are on the Late Show with David Letterman, the Flaming Lips on Conan, and Earshot on Last Call with Carson Daly. Check your local listings for times and channels.

Ryan Adams Calls ‘Justified’ ‘Boring’

Ryan Adams 'Rock N Roll'

CDNow.com’s Miss Truth reports that during Ryan Adams concert at the Vic Theatre in Chicago Wednesday, he performed the beginning of the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way.’ Afterwards, he ripped fellow boyband member Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, calling his debut solo album “boring.” Adams said that he “understands why Lance Bass wanted to go to the moon. He probably heard an advance copy.”

Ryan Adams Goes Off After Getting Bryan Adams Request

Ryan Adams 'Rock N Roll'

Peter Cooper of the Tennessean reports Ryan Adams went ballistic after a fan in the crowd jokingly shouted out a request for Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of ’69’. Ryan went ballistic: Spewing expletives, he ordered the house lights be turned on, asked the audience to point out the offender, pulled $30 of ticket refund money from his wallet and gave the money to the fan, ordered the fan to leave and said he would not play another note until the fellow was gone.

Gallagher Gives ‘Wonderwall’ To Ryan Adams

Oasis brother Noel Gallagher tells allstar that singer-songwriter Ryan Adams did a wonderful version of the group’s most well known tune ‘Wonderwall.’ Gallagher said, “I went to see Ryan Adams in Manchester… So he’s playing away and he just does ‘Wonderwall’ right in the middle of the set. The fu**ing place went silent. It was so beautiful. I was just like, ‘Fu**ing Jesus Christ what a fu**ing song!’ Afterwards, I told him, ‘You can have that song, man, because we could never quite get it right.'”

Ryan Adams Gets In A Brawl And Evades Police

Ryan Adams 'Demolition'

CDNow.com spoke with Ryan Adams at the taping of ‘Willie Nelson & Friends’, where he revealed he had gotten in a fight Saturday night before at a club in Nashville. Adams, sporting a bandage on his chin, said, “I got in a fight with some asshole. I took a dive. After the first hit, I hit a park bench, busted my chin open, and then I swatted him in his eye. I think I beat him pretty good, because they called the cops, and then I ran.” You can check out how his face faired when the show airs on A&E on May 6.

Ryan Adams Hasn’t Matured Enough

Jeff Niesel of the Cleveland Free Times gave his thoughts on the comparisons to Bob Dylan or Tom Petty some are making with Ryan Adams. Niesel scoffed at the comparisons saying, “While Adams has matured musically on ‘Gold’ — multi-instrumentalist producer Ethan Johns guests such as Petty’s Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench and Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz help flesh things out — his lyrics continue to have the haphazard, awkward feel of high-school poetry.” Freetimes.com has since removed the article.

Ryan Adams Doesn’t Accumulate Celeb Friends

Ryan Adams 'Gold'

Russell Baillie of the New Zealand Herald spoke with Ryan Adams about the celebrity fans and friends he’s forged following his recent breakout success. Ryan said bluntly, “They aren’t any different than you or me or anyone else. I didn’t accumulate them. I didn’t chose them or go ‘I must be this first person’s friend. People who are isolated need friends too.” Nzherald.co.nz has since removed the article.

Ryan Adams To Pair With James Walsh

Ryan Adams 'Gold'

Ryan Adams is to duet with Starsailor frontman James Walsh, according to The Sun. The pair – who have both said how much they admire the other – made the deal after meeting up in London this week. The project will go ahead early next year.