New Album Proves Rush Can Still Rock

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe chatted with Rush frontman Geddy Lee. The singer revealed ”Vapor Trails’, due out Tuesday, will bring a rocking sound with it. ”There’s a passion and intensity on this record that reminds me of our earlier record `2112.’ There was something about the spirit of that record that I find on this one, too,” says Lee. ”And we were desperate to prove to each other that we could still rock.” has since removed the article.

Rush Promises Three Hour Concert

Chart Attack spoke to Rush frontman Geddy Lee who promises a three hour show when the guys get back to touring beginning June 28th in Hartford, Connecticut. “We decided in the end that we need a lot of time to keep everybody happy,” he said. “And we wanted to play a lot of new material, but people have their favorites. And we want to bring some songs back that we haven’t played in quite a few years and make the show quite different than the last time we toured.” has since removed the article.

Peart’s Recovery Key To Rush’s Return

Rush 'Moving Pictures' Neil Peart

With the upcoming release of Rush’s ‘Vapor Trails’ on May 14, the disc will mark the first release by the group since the tragedies of drummer Neil Peart. His first wife Jackie died in 1998 of cancer, while their daughter Selena was killed in a car accident at the age of 19 in 1997. Frontman Geddy Lee commented, “Well I think Neil’s recovery was obviously the key to our still being here. Had he not been able to somehow find his spirit again and find a positive outlook after the things that had happened to him in his life, there would be no more Rush. So, fortunately for him, he was able to find a desire to make music again.” The full story at has since been removed.

New Rush Album Leaked To The Internet

JAM! Music reports a U.S.-based website entitled ‘Rush Vapor Trails Information Page’ had Rush’s full 13-song new album posted as MP3 downloads between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, before Rush’s management requested all files be removed. Of course this is too little, too late. The site says they got the files off the internet, and a current search Morpheus shows five songs available, but no doubt all will be quickly available soon as the availability spreads.

Rush Track Listing, First Single, & Tour Plans Announced

Universal Music Canada and Anthem Records announced that the first single from “Vapor Trails” will be “One Little Victory,” which will begin shipping to radio stations on March 29. The group will also tour in support of the new album this summer. Read on for a track listing to the new disc due out May 14.

Rush Album Title & Release Announced

JAM! Showbiz reports Atlantic records has announced the title to the long awaited Rush album, to be called ‘Vapor Trails’ and the disc will be released in May. The album will be their first since the 1996 release, ‘Test For Echo.’

Rush Rumored Album Track Leak Causes Website Crash

Paul Cantin of JAM! Showbiz reports a Rush fan site, was slammed with traffic simply because someone on a message board claimed he’d post unreleased Rush album tracks Tuesday night. The site’s operator had to take the site down because of the flurry of activity had brought the server to its knees. Universal says details of a new album release from the group will be revealed soon.

New Rush Album Scheduled For Spring Release

Atlantic Records has announced the as-yet untitled album by veteran Canadian rockers Rush is set for a release this spring. The band recently wrapped up its recording sessions in Toronto, and is now mixing their first all-new album in more than five years.