Rogue Wave Unhappy With KUSF 90.3 FM Going Off The Dial

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave are commenting on the University of San Francisco’s decision to move KUSF to an online only format and to sell the FM 90.3 radio frequency. The Oakland indie rock band wrote to their Twitter followers (@roguewaveband):

R.I.P. KUSF – who else is on the chopping block? how bad does Bay Area radio need to get before we take it back?

First Slot Festival Blues For Rogue Wave’s Zach

Rogue Wave 'Permalight'

BlackBook magazine spoke with Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave in a Q&A, asking the frontman about his feelings on doing festivals. Zach said:

We’re so unknown that usually we play in the daytime, like the first slot of the festival, so it’s kind of a bummer. It’s like you’re invited to the party but you have to stay on the porch. You end up doing press the entire time you’re there, making you think that it actually matters, but the press is largely never released. You don’t even get to hear any of the music at the festival because you’re talking to people all day who ultimately don’t even care what you have to say. That sounds very cynical, but sometimes it can be fun. I will say the one thing that is fun about doing certain festivals is that we get to actually see our friends that are in bands that we normally wouldn’t get to see and you’re hanging out together, that’s pretty fun. We did Coachella once and it seemed like everywhere I went, I’d run in to someone in some band that was super nice.

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Rogue Wave’s Zach Rogue Recalls Meeting Rickey Henderson

Rogue Wave 'Permalight'

Zach Rogue’s My Page piece from the June issue of Relix magazine features the Rogue Wave singer talking about his dream of one day playing in the outfield along with Rickey Henderson before one day meeting the Oakland A’s legend, changing his mind about his hero. Zach writes:

My stepfather and I walked into the stadium and saw the entire A’s team seated at a table, signing autographs and shaking hands. I found my place in line and started meeting the players, getting the baseball covered with autographs. And then it was Rickey’s turn. I slowly handed him the ball and the pristine unsigned plastic helmet. Upon seeing these, he put down his pen, looked at me with utter disgust and said, “Do I really have to sign both of these?”


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Rogue Wave Performs ‘Good Morning (The Future)’

Rogue Wave 'Permalight'

Rogue Wave performed ‘Good Morning (The Future)’ live at the offices of Relix Magazine in New York City. The song is off the Oakland, California indie rock group’s fourth album ‘Permalight’, out now on Brushfire. Watch it via Vimeo below.

Rogue Wave ‘Chicago X 12’ Bob Odenkirk & Band Videos

Rogue Wave are out with a pair of new videos for the song ‘Chicago X 12’, one directed by ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum Bob Odenkirk, which the band wasn’t pleased with, and then did a video themselves. This has led to a tongue in cheek feud between the two parties as each have written about. The track is off the Oakland, California indie rock band’s third album ‘Asleep at Heaven’s Gate’, out now on Brushfire Records. Watch the two videos below.

Rogue Wave ‘Asleep At Heaven’s Gate’ Listening Party

Rogue Wave’s third studio album ‘Asleep At Heaven’s Gate’ drops September 18th on Brushfire Records, but you can listen to the album right now in full on the Oakland band’s Myspace player. Check it out at