Rocket From The Crypt ‘On A Rope’ Live Video

Footage of Rocket From The Crypt performing ‘On A Rope’ during the band’s final show has been posted online. The performance is featured on the band’s final show DVD/CD ‘R.I.P.’, in stores February 26th on Vagrant Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

The Offspring Bring In New Drummer

The Offspring group

The Offspring have announced on their official website that drummer Atom Willard will be touring with the band starting this fall as they head out in support of their new album ‘Splinter’. Atom was in Rocket From The Crypt for 10 years and more recently played with Moth, the Alkaline Trio and Melissa Auf Der Maur. Longtime Offpring drummer Ron Welty, who left the band earlier this year and veteran session drummer Josh Freese has been filling in for the band in the interim for their upcoming album.

Rocket From the Crypt Stays Away From Politics

Rocket From the Crypt saxophonist Apollo 9 (born Paul O’Berine) stressed his band will go down the path of making political records. “I still think our foreign policy sucks,” Apollo tells Andrew Asch of LA Weekly. “But it’s not my place to say so in a rock song. I’m not sure that [lead singer] Speedo was putting too much opinion into X-Ray; he was just stating different points of view. Rock music doesn’t have an effect on world politics. If that was the case, the Clash would have changed the world 20 years ago.” Instead, the anxiety of Sept. 11 seeps into our culture. “I don’t think it’s just politics we’re questioning now. It’s questioning arts and entertainment, sports, everything in life.” Read more.

New Tattoos Prove Rocket’s Longevity And Influence

The long-standing Rocket From the Crypt tradition of giving free admission to fans with Rocket insignia tattoos hasn’t changed, and fresh recruits keep coming to the shows. “We still see new tattoos every time we go out,” bassist Petey X tells Jeff Niesel of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s pretty typical of people into the band. People who are recently getting into them don’t feel like they’ve missed the boat. They get into it and go get a tattoo, even if they just got turned onto us last year. Rocket definitely has that influence on people. That’s great. That’s the way it should be.” has since removed the article.

America Suddenly Interested In Rocket From The Crypt

After well over a decade of being virtually ignored by radio and television, Rocket from the Crypt made their network TV debut a few months ago on the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn. “Somebody must have cancelled at the last minute,” sax player Apollo 9 joked to Now Toronto. “No, I really don’t know. You’d think it would have happened a long time ago, wouldn’t you? For years America doesn’t want anything to do with us, and then suddenly there we are.” has since removed the full article.

Rocket From The Crypt Stays True To Having Fun

Scott Batiuk of San Diego CityBeat caught up with Rocket from the Crypt frontman John Reis and suggested that there seems to be less and less fanfare with each album. Is that intentional. “Yeah, I think so,” Reis admits. “We’ve always prided ourselves on staying true to what we’re about, which is having fun and playing the music that we want to play… I’m not saying I hate [the fanfare and marketing aspects], but some things take away from the process, and so I prefer to do things a little bit more without the bullsh**. The Hot Snakes record was an eye-opener… [it] sold amazingly well based on word of mouth, which is the most compelling kind of force I think you can have—to get someone to buy your record because a friend of theirs is digging it.” Read more.

Rocket From The Crypt Breakup Rumor updated today with word that rumors are floating around that Rocket From The Crypt may be breaking up. As well, check out updates on Sunny Day Real Estate’s Dan Hoerner who apparently has moved on to Dashboard Confessional.