Cinjun Says Remy Zero Needs Payola Help

Remy Zero performed ‘Perfect Memory’ on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday. Carson also talked briefly with frontman Cinjun Tate who blamed the band not breaking out on the charts because of not enough payola — which drew some laughs. Read on for a transcript.

Rockers Scheduled On Carson Daly

Last Call with Carson Daly will be featuring Cold tonight, Coal Chamber on Tuesday, and Remy Zero next Thursday, May 30. Check your local listings for times and NBC station.

Remy Zero Don’t Fit Into A Genre & It’s OK With Them

Alex Steininger of In Music We Trust spoke with Jeffrey Cain, Remy Zero’s guitarist who admits it’s ok not to be labeled or be popular for that matter. Cain said, “We’ve never known where we fit in. I don’t really pay attention to that,” adding, “We hover in our own world and that’s fine. We’ve never really been part of a scene. We don’t fit in with the lo-fi, emo, or on labels like Merge or Touch N’ Go. We’ve always been outsiders and not associated with any scene. Indie cred means nothing to me.” Read more.

Starsailor, Remy Zero & Travis Light Up NME Show

Paul Sexton of The Times reviewed the NME Winterfest show featuring Remy Zero, Starsailor, Ryan Adams, and Travis. Sexton said Starsailor’s “status as big players is beyond question and they performed a suitably self-confident but industrious set.” He also praised Remy Zero saying they “share Semisonic’s ear for clinging tunes but often encase them in more robust instrumentation.”

Cinjun Tate And Alyssa Milano Back Together?

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports Alyssa Milano, her mother, and friends checked out the KROQ Acoustic Christmas show at the Universal Amphitheater where ex-hubby Cinjun Tate performed with Remy Zero. Alyssa told the people behind her when Remy Zero began their set, “We need to stand, we’re friends with the band.” They then danced and sang to the group’s songs but told friends to be quiet during a ballad about the couple’s marriage… Do you smell reconciliation?

Remy Zero Perform & Talk To Getmusic

Remy Zero talked to Nevin Martell of and performed ‘Belong’, ‘Hermes Bird’, and ‘Perfect Memory’. Cinjun Tate said the name ‘Remy Zero’ came from a Kate Bush song although she actually said ‘Mommy’s Heroes.’ Cinjun said of The Golden Hum album that he found it an extremely personal album. The media has since been removed.

Remy Zero Like To Play Larger Gigs

Chart Attack talked to Remy Zero following their sold-out show with Travis Sunday night at Toronto’s Massey Hall where they revealed they enjoy playing at larger venues. Lead singer Cinjun Tate expressed, “I think it’s a really great thing to force yourself to learn how to communicate with more people. It puts the challenge on us to tell a story.”

Of course the band will play perhaps their biggest audience ever during an upcoming Late Night with Conan O’Brien performance.

Remy Zero To Perform On Conan

Remy Zero will be on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, October 4. Conan’s other guest will be Saturday Night Live’s Will Ferrell.