Ratt ‘Best Of Me’ Video

Ratt are out with the video to their new single ‘Best Of Me’, off the veteran glam rock group’s seventh studio album ‘Infestation’, out April 20th via Roadrunner/Loud & Proud. “‘Best Of Me’ is the best Ratt video made in 20 years and it accurately reflects the new album’s cover art and title: ‘Infestation,'” Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini tells Noisecreep. “The video is a visual ode about today’s 21st century mass media and information age overload mixed with unabridged smokin’ live performance.” Watch the Andrew Bennett directed treatment via AOL below.

Ratt Revolver Awards Interview

The reunited Ratt talked with Altitude TV on the black carpet of the Revolver Awards about their new record, Ozzy Osbourne’s influence on them, maybe touring again with Motley Crue, and metal.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Ratt Stephen Pearcy & Warren DeMartini Say Yes To New LP

Footage of Eddie Trunk introducing Ratt performing live at Rocklahoma, where the crowd was initially treated to his backstage interview with singer Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren DeMartini. They joked about how they’ve been able to get along so far while touring the world and have been able to travel on the same bus. When Trunk suggested a new Ratt record, Stephen said yes, while Warren agreed and shook Stephen’s hand on the deal. Warren said “it’s a dream come true” the reception they’ve gotten around the world. Then the band hit the stage, performing ‘Tell The World’. Watch the intro, interview, and performance video has since been removed. A separate backstage interview with Stephen can be viewed below.

Stephen Pearcy Q&A

Former Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy took part in a Q&A with Deb Rao of KNAC.com. Asked if he was on good terms with RATT guitarist Robin Crosby at his untimely death in 2002, Pearcy responded, “Of course, we just finished ‘Behind The Music VH1’, and it is suppose to air this April. I am glad it is coming out because alot of people are confused, never knew the history of RATT. We were fortunate enough to sell out arenas. We had the big shows, the big money, the big everything. The platinum debauchery card. It is when you get into something like that you never know when it is going to end. I have been prepared for it with my label. Some of those guys out there are a little more extreme. Robin was metal all the way, he was into it, that is where it went ya know.” Read more.

Stephen Pearcy On Leaving Ratt

Classic Rock Revisited conducted a Q&A with Stephen Pearcy and asked the former Ratt frontman why he left the group. “You can perceive it as voluntary or involuntary, withdrawl,” he said. “It was an agreement or partnership that was sometimes honored and sometimes not. I took them to court etc. and we amicably got it settled, but unfortunately it took four years of bullsh**. That doesn’t mean that everything is better, because I still feel that there are wrong things being done right now, and some things bother me. As long as they don’t disturb the real partnership and throw a record out there, that is fine with me. They can do what the want. They are just a cover band. I don’t go out and perceiving myself as my old band. I just happen to be the guy that created the band, hired them and wrote the songs. I co-wrote the songs. I am a Rat Bastard and I have bigger, better, fish to fry. I just wanted to regroup and develop at a time when it was very necessary.”

Jizzy Pearl’s Ratt Tour Diary Focuses On Rock Cliches

Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl is contributing tour diaries for Metal Sludge for this summer’s tour. One portion that was especially funny said, “The audience responds each time like it was the first time. I just open up my Big Book of Rock Cliches and begin reading…

‘GREAT TO BE HERE IN insert city name!!’ — APPLAUSE

‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!’ or it’s distant cousin ‘I CAN’T FU**ING HEAR YOU!!’ — APPLAUSE APPLAUSE

Then there’s ‘Make some fu**in’ noise!’ ‘Is everbody feelin’ good?’ or here’s one –‘ARE THERE ANY VIRGINS IN THE AUDIENCE TONIGHT?’ — that’s a real crowd pleaser. I know it’s corny and cheesy but what the fu** this isn’t Art Rock this is CO** ROCK DAMMIT and all the necessary bells and whistles apply. Lights, fog, big gongs gonging and girls showing us their tits whilst standing on someone’s shoulders. It’s summer and people are here to let off a little steam. Fu** it. It’s fun.” Read more.

Drugs Had Ruined Robin Crosby’s Life Before Death

MTV News has more details on the death of former Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby who died at his Los Angeles home on Thursday morning following a long battle with AIDS. Crosby was 42. In an interview with “Behind the Music” in June 1999, Crosby talked about how the drug addiction that led to his HIV infection had changed and ruined his life. “What has drug addiction done for me?” he asked. “It’s cost me my career, my fortune, basically my sex life when I found out I was HIV positive.” Read more.