Quarashi Rock The House Despite Small Aussie Crowd

George Palathingal of the Sydney Morning Herald reviewed Quarashi’s show at The Metro on Thursday (August 22), which had a light crowd, likely due to the pricey $40 club tickets. “I was gonna do a stage-jump but there’s nobody here,” says a slightly bemused Quarashi member Hossi Olafsson upon opening the show. Despite the small crowd, Palathingal writes, “Still, over the course of a breathless hour, Quarashi emphatically rock the house regardless.” Read more.

Quarashi Have A Unique Sound In Iceland Too

Murray Engleheart of Australia’s Beat Magazine spoke with Quarashi asking co-vocalist Omar if Iceland is set to be the next big music postcode. “We’re actually the only band that plays this kind of music in Iceland.” says Omar of his home country. “The music scene in Iceland is not that big so people have to sound original otherwise every band will sound the same. So there’s a lot of creativity that comes out of that and it’s really active actually especially in the last few years where making albums is becoming so easy and people can record their albums at home.” Beat.com.au has since removed the article.

Quarashi Different Than Other Nu Metal Acts

Hossi of Quarashi is like about every other nu metal act right now, trying to distance themselves from the moniker. Hossi wants to be known more as a hip hop act telling Chart Attack, “For a couple of years we’ve been watching that scene and it feels that the whole [nu metal] genre is biting its tail and its not going to evolve that much more. If you listen to the album we’ve got songs that no other nu metal band has.” Chartattack.com has since removed the article.

Nervous Quarashi Take Dumps Before Live Shows

Rachel Krampfner of Synthesis.net recently talked to rapper Omar Swarez of Quarashi and asked him if there was anything the guys did to get pumped up for a live show. Swarez said, “Usually all of us have to take a dump right before the show, something to do with stress I guess but that’s about the only thing we do before we go on, we drink a lot of beer to get our courage up.” Synthesis.net has since removed the article.

Quarashi Perform On Last Call With Carson Daly

Quarashi were Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday night (early Tuesday morning technically). They had a bit of small talk getting the same Iceland quizzing that they are probably sick of by now. They then performed ‘Stick ‘Em Up’ and Mr. Jinx. For a transcript of the group’s brief chat with Carson, read on.

Quarashi Explain Their Music And Whale Eating

Jason Pepe of Zero magazine talks with Quarashi in the current issue. As for the guys being from Iceland and playing a rap-rock sound, band member Solvi Blondal said, “You know, it’s such a global culture. You know, rap music is like rock music–rap music is evolving just like rock music did. It (rock) was born in America and now it’s part of a global culture. Rap music is not anything different. Basically for us, this is the type of music I’ve been listening to since I was 15 years old, so it came totally natural to me to start doing this stuff. It was only coincidence that we decided to rap in English and not in Icelandic. Even though we live in Igloos doesn’t mean we don’t have stereos.”

As for the band adhering to the Icelandic tradition of eating whale blubber, he said, “We eat a lot of whale. We suck on the fat yes. We don’t eat seals too much because we find them revolting. There are these two months a year in Iceland where people only eat whale, shark and seals. They drink a burning wine. The only thing that you are allowed to eat are whales, sharks and sheep balls as well.”

The Strokes, The Hives, Quarashi Hit TV Airwaves

Rock acts will be all over the talk show airwaves this week. On Tuesday, look for New Found Glory on Conan O’Brien, afterwards The Hives will be on Last Call with Carson Daly. On Wednesday, Carson will have Quarashi as musical guests. On Thursday, look for The Strokes on Leno followed by The Hives (again) on Conan. Check your local listings.