Piebald Frontman Checks In From Portland

Piebald frontman Travis Shettel posted a message for fans on the group's official website on Saturday (June 12) from Portland, Oregon. Shettel writes, "Hello everyone, we are waking up, stirring in Portland right now. We had a great show... my favorite in Portland ever. Afterwards we went out to chopsticks to sing karaoke, dance, drink, and hang out. It was a good time. There are so many people here to send shout outs to: Jon, Laura, Mark, Mark, Mike, Jaime, TG, Ben, Kristin, Justin, Jen, Chris, Glee, and then there are more that I am probably forgetting. Anyway, I definitely think Portland is one of my final destinations in life to call home. The other two could be Southern California and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So someday in the very distant future, if you see and old skinny guy walking a dog or two on the streets of one of those places, say hello. I will say hello back. See you in San Fran. Got to go enjoy my friends and the day off. Take it easy."

Piebald Is And Isn’t Jealous Others Mainstream Success

Steve Boughton of the Cleveland Scene spoke with Piebald frontman Travis Shettel and wondered if because two of the bands that the group has taken on the road as tourmates over the last several years, New Found Glory and Hot Rod Circuit, have already established larger followings, is his band jealous of the success that keeps eluding them. "In some ways yes, but in some ways no," he says. "Maybe we're less accessible [than those bands], but we're writing the songs we want to be writing, so we're happy with what we're creating, in the long run." Clevescene.com has since removed the article.

Help Pay For Piebald Frontman’s Vocal Chord Surgery

Piebald frontman Travis Shettel had surgery on his vocal chords, and they even posted the disgusting medical photo on the band's website. The stress of playing literally hundreds of shows in the past year has caused the formation of blood blisters on the vocal chords of the singer. Travis had surgery in Boston on Sept 17th to repair the problem. The operation, performed by the same surgeon who did the procedure on Sir Elton John, was a success. Diagnosis: Rock! Unfortunately surgery on your vocal chords is, well, a little pricey. To help out with his outrageous medical bills, you can visit their official site to buy a special commemorative t-shirt.