Pete Wentz & Travis Barker Out In Hollywood

Paris Hilton showed up to Hyde with a friend who tried to remain anonymous while she was supposed to be in rehab – Nicole Richie. Also out were one of Paris’ on/off lovers Travis Barker of (+44), Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, and Ashlee & Jessica Simpson. Check out pictures from X17 (Ashlee & Pete / Paris & Travis).

Papa Roach’s Buckner Lashes Out At ‘Little Fu**er’ Pete Wentz

Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner and bassist Tobin Esperance took part in a Q&A with, where Dave was asked for his thoughts about bands such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. “I love My Chemical. Fall Out Boy, there’s a little bit of an issue between me and Pete Wentz,” he responded. “Oh yeah. That motherfu**er better hope he can afford security his whole life ‘cos I will be there the day he’s not there. I will be there, around the corner, ready to mop the floor with his fu**ing little ass.” He added, “Yeah. I love My Chem, and I love the rest of Fall Out Boy, but Pete Wentz… little fu**er.” Asked what about Wentz annoys him, he responded, “Oh he’s a fu**ing ponce.” has since shut down.

Kate Moss’ Private Text Messages To Pete Wentz Leaked

The Sun reports Kate Moss has sent Pete Doherty texts begging the Babyshambles singer to kick drugs and then live with her. Unfortunately, the messages emerged after junkie Pete sold his mobile phone to a stranger, so he could buy drugs. “This is plumbing new depths, even for Pete,” a friend said. “Selling a phone for the sake of a fix, and risking people getting hold of these details, is just stupid.” The full story at has since been archived.

Pete Wentz Chats With KISS 106.1’s Jackie & Bender

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on April 6th. He talked about the gossip surrounding a stage diving incident where he didn’t get hurt, the photographs of him naked appearing online and his “manscaping” job, his interest in Sophia Bush, watching DVD’s on the tour bus, visiting a wind tunnel, and more. Audio at has since been removed.

Wentz’s First Class Flight To Belfast

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz checked in with fans from Ireland on the VIP journal over at on Friday (January 20). “Hello from Belfast,” Wentz writes. “I have been awake for like 35 hours now. Some how me and Warchief talked our way into first class on the plane – he kept saying, ‘I’m kind of a big deal’ – he is a big deal. Pretty funny. We pretty much ruined a bunch of guys in ties night. Got here and first order of business was getting the cellphone working and straightening iron on the power plug they have over here – I sounded totally unclassy with my Yankee accent trying to figure out what the fu** was going on. But yeah it was cute how I threw away like 6 dollars in coins cause I thought they were pennies. Cute like retarded.”