Peeping Tom Vs. Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom guitarist Gerasimos Grammenos spoke with Beat magazine about that other more widely known Peeping Tom band fronted by former Faith No More singer Mike Patton. “Mike Patton had a vision for a band called Peeping Tom many years ago, but we had a vision for Peeping Tom even before him,” Grammenos explained. “He spoke about a band called Peeping Tom; we actually put out recordings under that name. When our Myspace page was taken off us for breach of copyright no one explained who it was that initiated that action, but I love a conspiracy theory.” Asked about possible legal action over the name, he responded, “I don’t have the money too initiate that kind of action, nor do I have the passion to strip anyone of a name. I can answer one though, so if anyone wants to challenge the name Peeping Tom, they should do so.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

Peeping Tom ‘Mojo’ Video

Peeping Tom are out with the video to their new single ‘Mojo’, from the Mike Patton led group’s self-titled debut. Watch it below.