Otep Shamaya Opens ‘Atavist’ Packages

OTEP singer Otep Shamaya opens the packages for the heavy metal band’s new album ‘Atavist’, in stores now. “I come to you from an undisclosed location, to reveal to you today the preorders for the OTEP ‘Atavist’ album,” Otep said before seeing the CD for the first time herself. “I’m a little emotional. You work so hard on something with some really amazing people who are artisitcally remarkable and care so much about everything that you do. To actually see it physically in your hand is remarkable.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Happy New Year From OTEP

OTEP checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Monday (December 31) with the following message:

You are truly the best fans and supporters any band of lunatics could ever hope to have. We thank you for your passion and belief. You give us hope and fuel the flames of our art. We wish you all the best for a happy, prosperous, and victorious new year.

“Don’t wait, don’t hesitate – reach out, and take it.”

May all your dreams come true.

Ars Longa,
Otep Shamaya / eViL j Mcguire / Brian Wolff / Aaron Nordstrom

Otep ‘Breed’ Video

Otep are out with the video to their new single ‘Breed’, a cover of Nirvana’s 1991 single, from the Los Angeles alternative metal group’s third full-length album ‘The Ascension’, out now on Koch Records. Watch it below.

Otep Shamaya’s Cameo In ‘The Thirst’

Otep Shamaya plays a small role in the cheap vampire film ‘The Thirst’. The singer said in a Myspace bulletin on Sunday (July 15): “Beware – dangerously lame b-movie ahead. The only bright spot is they used all my ad-libs and improvs — well, almost – the one I miss (that I was hoping they would use) is a cute little sequence where I bit my ‘slave’ on the neck/shoulder … which was fun.” Check out three clips at YouTube.

Otep Shamaya Talks With Metaphor Magazine

Otep Shamaya is known largely for the hard rock band she leads under her own name. Few people know about her roots in poetry. In an interview with Metaphor Magazine, laced over her band’s May 25th performance in Minneapolis, Otep discusses how poetry and music intersect. Watch the clip below.

Otep Shamaya’s Fourth Of July Message

OTEP frontman Otep Shamaya posted the following message to fans on the band’s blog at Myspace on Wednesday (July 4):


Today, we celebrate the birth of a nation. A nation wrapped in a canvas of hope, that radiates the dream that all people are important – regardless of race, gender, economic status, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, the apathetic, the empathetic, whether we disagree or see eye to eye – everyone matters. A nation of democratic ideals – a democracy invented by the ancient, pagan Greeks – where every voice counts, where citizens truly have the power – if they use it.

A nation that has yet to live up to its promised capacity. Yet, still a nation that has the ability to become the most beautiful civilization that has ever existed. What makes this nation so powerful and yet so fragile is that everything it has been, everything that it is, and everything that it could be relies solely on “WE, The PEOPLE”. So, today remember how amazing it is to live in this nation; the rights we have, the freedoms we enjoy. Remember the victims of 9/11 and all the innocent victims of the Bush regime’s reckless war on terror. Remember every child, every woman, every family – that go to sleep every night praying and dreaming for just a breath of the amazing air we, as Americans, are lucky enough to breathe. And remember the soldiers, and how amazing they are. Remember their families and how hard it is on them and how courageous they all are. yes, remember.

Remember how precious all this is … and remember that it is worth fighting for.

Happy 4th everyone … have fun, be safe, make it memorable.

Otep Shamaya

OTEP ‘Warhead’ Video

A video for the new OTEP song 'Warhead' has been posted at the group's official website. 'Warhead' comes off OTEP's forthcoming sophomore album, 'House of Secrets', due on July 27th through Capitol Records. Check it out below.

Otep Surrounded By Sea Of Misogyny At Ozzfest

Gene Stout of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer spoke with Otep Shamaya, the only woman on the current Ozzfest tour, who is vocalist for Otep. "It's difficult to be surrounded by a sea of misogyny," she said. "But I'm up there every day fighting for equality. I want to be judged on the merits of my work and the quality of my performances." Read more.

Otep Struggles Being Only Woman On Ozzfest Lineup

Jason Bracelin of the Cleveland Scene spoke with Otep, frontwoman of the band bearing her name, on how she's struggling being the only woman performing on the current Ozzfest tour. "It's like being a diaper attached to the very active ass of a very gluttonous baby," she says. As for the struggle for respect women have on the tour, Otep sighed, "Here I am, defending myself as a woman and an artist, and I look out at the crowd as soon our set's over, and there's some girl on top of someone's shoulders, and she's flashing the guys. Sometimes, it's almost like I'm fighting a losing battle." Clevescene.com has since removed the article.