Opeth ‘Dirge For November’ Live Video

Opeth are out with a live video for ‘Dirge For November’, from the Swedish heavy metal band’s live DVD boxset ‘In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall’, out now on Roadrunner Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Opeth ‘Burden’ Video

Opeth are out with the video to their new single ‘Burden’, off the Stockholm, Sweden metal band’s ninth full-length studio album ‘Watershed’, out now on Roadrunner Records. Watch it below.

Opeth ‘Porcelain Heart’ Video

Opeth are out with the video to their new singel ‘Porcelain Heart’, from the Swedish heavy metal band’s ninth studio album ‘Watershed’, out June 3rd on Roadrunner Records. Watch it below.

Ankkarock 2006

CKY, Ministry, Opeth, Turbonegro, Rasmus, and Dropkick Murphy’s performed at Ankkarock 2006 on August 6th at Korso in Vantaa, Finland. Watch highlights from YouTube.

Opeth Frontman Mocks Lordi After Eurovision Victory

Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has commented on Lordi’s surprise Eurovision Song Contest victory, which marked Finland’s first Eurovision victory in 45 years. Asked by an Opeth fan on the band’s official forum what he thought of Lordi winning the contest, Mikael replied, “Haha! I love watching that! This year there were quite a few decent songs and one amazing song…Bosnia/Herzegovina!! Song was called ‘Leila’, or something like that, and I fu**ing loved it! Will buy the single (in secrecy…)! There was one melody theme in there that was amazing. The guy had a fantastic voice too! Epic sh**!! Sweden had a seasoned singer competing called Carola, who is practically the only superstar we have here. She can SING! I’ve always fancied her, ever since I was a kid, and she can SING! Don’t tell the metalheads I said that…errr…too late! Lordi? Come on now, what am I, 5 years old??”

Opeth Frontman Expands On Killswitch Critique

Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has commented on the negative reaction to the remarks he made to Australia’s Time Off magazine about the state of today’s metal scene. “The quote is a bit misleading,” he said. “I don’t particulary like Killswitch but have nothing against them really. All I was saying that I don’t see the same quality in them as I do in Priest or Maiden. Partly because they were innovators and [Killswitch Engage] to me sounds like a rehashed version of what’s been going on in Sweden for 16 years or more. Had you lived in Sweden, you’d share my opinion on that I’m pretty sure. Then the thing with the boy-band comment…was not addressed to [Killswitch Engage] but an observation of the overall ‘nu’ or whatever metalcore scene in the U.S. And here I stick to my guns… I will not deny anyone liking these bands and what the fu** would they care what I think is good or bad anyways.” Read more.

Opeth Frontman Not Impressed With Today’s Bands

Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine, where he sounded off on today’s music scene. “Most of the bands today, I don’t really like them,” he said. “When I grew up it was like heresy to compare Killswitch Engage and whatever you got going with [Iron] Maiden and [Judas] Priest. Especially in America, it seems to be a little trend-goin’… it’s corporate business. The bands feel manufactured, almost like boy bands with guitars. I don’t want my bands to be fu**ing pretty.”

Opeth Mainman Reacts To Bus Driver’s Arrest

Opeth mainman Mikael Åkerfeldt has posted the following message on the group’s official web site: “As reported on Blabbermouth, our busdriver on the last North American tour was arrested in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL for ‘unlawful activity with a minor.’ Basically, we’re appalled by the fact that we’d employed this bastard and even more disgusted by his deeds and obviously we will be much more detailed in our background check for future employments. The driver introduced himself only as ‘Rod’ and seemed like a nice guy, even though for us he was just another driver, and a bad one as well! He said he owned a trailer company and that he was a drummer, playing with TED NUGENT and several other bands in the ’70s. We got suspicious that he couldn’t get into Canada (we had another driver there) due to some previous drug ‘misdemeanors.’ Myself and Peter [Lindgren; guitars] met him and the girl in the elevator of the hotel where he introduced her as his niece. She seemed distant, asking us if we smoked pot. ‘Rod’ told us he was driving her to Los Angeles. After the gig, he never returned to the bus and then we got the news that he’d been arrested. Luckily for us one of Nevermore’s crew was able to drive us back to the hotel. The next day the FBI stopped our tour manager outside the bus with a warrant to search the bus for ‘Rod’s’ laptop and camera. We feel genuinely happy that he is caught and behind bars where we hope he will stay for a long time.”