Grandfather Thinks Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

Kurt Cobain’s grandfather, 80-year-old Leland Cobain, was treating Monday as just another day, claiming he was “over it pretty well, now.” Then again, maybe that’s because Leland doesn’t think the Nirvana frontman took his own life ten years ago. “I think he was murdered, yeah,” says the elder Cobain during an interview with the Calgary Sun. He’s not ready to accuse Kurt’s then-wife Courtney Love though. “I have no idea who done it, but I think the cops in Seattle really goofed up,” he says. “I can’t understand how he could have that much dope in him and still lift a shotgun. And I can’t understand how come his jaws weren’t all broke up and everything from the concussion when it went off and why (the gun) was still on his chest — it should have jumped clear off his chest.” Read more.

Radio 1 Documentary: Kurt & Me

Nirvana frontman and reluctant rock icon Kurt Cobain tragically took his own life ten years ago this week but a decade after the band’s premature end, the legacy lives on. Fans around the world, of all ages, still love Nirvana. Radio 1 competition winner and dedicated Nirvana fan, Daniel Sasto, made a poignant personal journey to Seattle, the home of grunge, to find out about Kurt first hand. As a fitting tribute, Dan meets people who knew and worked with Kurt, including producer Jack Endino, former band member Chad Channing and a special meeting with Kurt’s grandfather, Leland Cobain. Beginning where Kurt’s story ended, he pays respect to the Nirvana frontman at the bench shrine outside the old family home, moved by fans’ graffiti from every corner of the globe. Listen to the 30-minute documentary here.

‘Love And Death’ Discussed On ‘Paula Zahn Now’

Max Wallace and Ian Halperin were on CNN’s ‘Paula Zahn Now’ to discuss their new book ‘Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain’, which alleges that the Nirvana frontman did not commit suicide 10 years ago, but was murdered. While not directly accusing Courtney Love of being involved, Wallace provided motive saying, “One of the pieces of new evidence we discovered is that Kurt, about an hour before he left the rehab center on April 1st, a week before he was found dead, he booked two tickets out of Seattle, for himself and a mystery woman who Courtney believed to be Kurt’s new girlfriend. She was obsessed with this woman. You hear her on the tapes asking Grant to bug this woman’s apartment, to hire a hacker to hack into United Airlines to find out who he was flying with, who this other woman is. So you can see she’s obsessive, very, very jealous.” Read on for the complete transcript.

Remembering Kurt Cobain On The Cusp Of Fame

Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe writes: “Ten years ago today, Kurt Cobain put a shotgun to his head in a small room above the garage at his Seattle home and traded in his short life for eternity as a rock ‘n’ roll myth. The 27-year-old’s suicide only deepened the already massive impact of his band, Nirvana. While Nirvana’s significance in rock history is clear, people still wonder about the causes of Cobain’s despair. Immutable forces and self-destructive choices seem to have converged in a deadly downward spiral of manic depression, drug abuse, a troubled family life, and a powerful aversion to the stardom that Nirvana courted and finally found upon the release of its second album, ‘Nevermind’.” Read more.

Authors Reexamine Kurt Cobain Murder Theory

The New York Daily News has more details behind the ‘Dateline NBC’ episode tonight on the “apparent” suicide of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. Authors Max Wallace and Ian Halperin, whose latest book is called ‘Love and Death’, claim that Cobain may have planned to divorce Courtney Love, whose share of his rock millions was limited by a prenuptial agreement she asked him to sign when she was more successful than he was, thus providing motive to Love. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Lars Ulrich’s Kurt Cobain Testimonial

On the eve of the 10-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing, has posted a short testimonial to Nirvana penned by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. “In 1991 there was a kind of shift in rock music in America — it was shifting away from all the hair bands in L.A.,” Ulrich said. “And with Kurt Cobain you felt you were connecting to the real person, not to a perception of who he was — you were not connecting to an image or a manufactured cut-out. You felt that between you and him there was nothing — it was heart-to-heart. There are very few people who have that ability.”

Courtney Love On Suicide Watch

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Courtney Love was on a suicide watch last night as fears grew that she’d kill herself on the 10th anniversary of Nirvana husband Kurt Cobain’s death. A music source said: “Love is desperately unhappy and out of control. She seems very depressed and this a bad time for her. She might do something stupid like try to take her own life.”

Kurt Cobain ‘Wanted To Quit Nirvana’

Uncut magazine reports Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain planned to leave the band and join wife Courtney Love’s band Hole, according to a previously unseen interview. “To tell you the truth, I would rather just quit my band and join Hole,” Cobain is quoted as saying in the interview originally intended for French TV. Read more.

Courtney Love Book Deal Could Fetch Millions

Star magazine reports Courtney Love stands to make millions this fall publishing her memoirs, titled ‘Love Diaries: My Life in Words and Pictures’. Love’s literary agent David Vigliano says the book will feature diary entries, “intimate” letters to her late husband Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, probation reports, and unused liner notes from Hole’s ’94 album ‘Live Through This’. Bidding on the book has reached $2 million. “This is just an amazing panoply of material that spans her entire life. It’s an extraordinary life and it can’t be contained in a standard autobiography,” Vigliano said.