Neurosonic Video Blog #5

Neurosonic have posted their fifth video blog showing what the Vancouver, British Columbia alternative metal band does on the road when they’re not performing – such as drinking, playing ping pong, bowling, and giving each other sh**. Watch it below.

Neurosonic’s Darr: I Was Joking About Pete Wentz Cease & Desist Claim

In response to Neurosonic singer Jason Darr claiming during a recent concert that a cease and desist order came from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz due to the band’s song ‘So Many People’, critical of Wentz’s girlfriend Ashlee Simpson, Darr has released the following statement:

Anyone silly enough to believe I was serious about the comment I made at my [Neurosonic] NYC Knitting Factory performance has no sense of humor. Before we played our song, ‘So Many People’ I joked that Pete Wentz had taken out a cease and desist for the song because my lyrics are all about Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ debacle as well as celebrity culture. The song is not new… I wrote it 3 years ago… I wrote the music and had the initial lyrics right after the ‘Saturday Night Live’ debacle in October 2004, and completed the song right after Ashlee was given the Billboard award [December 2004]. ‘So Many People’ is on our album ‘Drama Queen’, which was released by our label Bodog Music in January 2007.

The song is tongue-in-cheek and it was mostly meant to blow off steam about a subject that is laughable at best… It is not meant to be malicious. I do mean every word of the song though, so you can take it or leave it. It’s only rock ‘n roll.

Pete Wentz Denies Neurosonic’s Cease And Desist Claim

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz’s rep Bob McLynn tells People magazine that a report in the New York Post claiming Neurosonic singer Jason Darr introduced their Ashlee Simpson diss song ‘So Many People’ by saying Wentz had sent the band a cease-and-desist order to stop the band from performing the song. “I’ve never heard of [the song]. Pete’s never heard of it. No one’s ever heard of it,” McLynn said. “Pete’s not the kind of guy who would do a cease or desist with anything. He believes in artistic freedom.” Read more.

Neurosonic Talk With The ShowBuzz

Neurosonic, a hard rock Canadian band, has just come off their Family Values Tour with Korn and Evanesence and a twelve country European tour. Now beginning live shows in the U.S., frontman Jason Darr and bassist Jacen Ekstrom spoke with The ShowBuzz about touring, a mouse crapping in their tour bus, Jason being tabbed as a suspected terrorist because of the band’s set list, and their new single ‘So Many People’. Watch the interview below.

Neurosonic ‘So Many People’ Video

Neurosonic are out with the video to their new single ‘So Many People’, from the album ‘Drama Queen’. The group describes the video as “a scathing indictment of pre-fabricated, lip-synching pop artists. With Britney Spears’ latest lip-synching gaffe in the news — and who can forget Ashlee Simpson’s SNL blunder — Neurosonic thought it was time for their fans to show these fakers exactly how it’s done.” Watch it below.