No Drinking, No Drugs For Mormon Raised Neon Trees

Neon Trees

Neon Trees spoke with FOX 13 in Salt Lake City about the band’s Provo roots, and how the members of the band are asked frequently if they are Mormon. “We’re all raised Mormon. Some of us are still, some of us are not,” singer Tyler Glenn explained. “But we all have affection for the church and we love the morals and principles of it and we still completely integrate that into our band.”

Drummer Elaine Bradley added that those morals have played a large role in keeping the band intact. “Very early on we had a conversation in the band where we said ‘OK guys, not on a moral plane, but as a business, how do we want to conduct ourselves?’ And so we decided unanimously, no drinking, no drugs.”

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Neon Trees Second Album ‘Picture Show’ Out April 17th

Neon Trees 'Picture Show' album artwork

Neon Trees will be releasing their second full-length studio album ‘Picture Show’ on April 17th via Island Records. The album’s first single is ‘Everybody Talks’, which peaked at #17 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and #35 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart.

‘Picture Show’ Track Listing:
1. Moving In The Dark
2. Teenage Sounds
3. Everybody Talks
4. Mad Love
5. Weekend
6. Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)
7. Trust
8. Close To You
9. Hooray For Hollywood
10. Still Young
11. I Am The DJ

Neon Trees 'Picture Show' back cover artwork

How Neon Trees Got Their Name

JoJo Wright of KIIS FM in Los Angeles spoke with Tyler Glenn and Branden Campbell of Neon Trees, where the Utah rock band talked about the origin of their name. “It’s a nostalgic name,” Tyler explained. “My friends hung out at a restaurant in high school, and they had neon palm tree lights there, and we were obsessed with Echo and the Bunnymen and Bauhaus, and Flock of Seaguls, and we thought it sounded like a cool 80s band name. This was years and years before we started Neon Trees, and when we did the name for our band, I was like Neon Trees is cool, and we kind of stuck with it. It sort of started to fit the aesthetic that we were gunning for.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Neon Trees Live Set On Houston’s Mix 96.5

Neon Trees in Houston
Neon Trees visited the Mix Lounge on Mix 96.5 in Houston, Texas the other day, performing their song ‘1983’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Sins Of My Youth’. Between songs, the band talked about the one year recording process for the ‘Habits’ album, dealing with extreme weather every time they’ve tried to make it into Houston, Chris Allen’s new hair, Tyler Glenn having the mohawk since high school to get attention, what animals they’d prefer to dress up as, working real hard since 2005 to get to this point, and getting some help from The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci. Watch the ‘Animal’ performance via YouTube below.

Neon Trees Visit Mix 107.9 In Columbus

Neon Trees visited Mix 107.9 in Columbus, Ohio on Monday (November 19), where they performed in an office room for a select group of the station’s listeners. During an interview, the band talked about what they eat while on the road, the story behind the band name, and how appearing on ‘Conan’ has been the highlight of their career. “Conan was one of those moments where I was fully aware I was living a life dream,” Elaine Bradley said. “And I was really happy about it.” Watch the interview, a performance of ‘1983’ and a meet and greet with fans via YouTube below. Pictures and audio of the interview at have since been removed.

Neon Trees Live At Yahoo! Music

Neon Trees did a live set at Yahoo! Music, performing ‘Your Surrender’, ‘Sins of My Youth’ and ‘Animal’. The songs are all off the Provo, Utah alternative rock band’s debut album ‘Habits’, out now on Mercury Records. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.